Learn The EXACT Words Pro Hypnotists Use To Successfully Hypnotize People!

We've developed a word-for-word script to get you started hypnotizig today!

How The Basic Hypnosis Training

Manual Will Benefit You

  • SAFETY: "Safety first" as the saying goes. Being that you'll be helping others tap into their own minds, this is a crucial first step that I take to help ensure you understand the 3 necessary safety precautions you should be taking before each hypnosis session. These 3 precautions will help ensure your client/volunteer have a well-rounded experience, while helping you avoid legal issues.
  • STEPS: I will walk you through each of the 4 steps required to successfully hypnotize someone. This is pretty simple and I bet you'll have the name of the steps and their proper order memorized the same day you get your copy of the Basic Hypnosis Training Manual.
  • SCRIPT: You will be provided with a word-for-word script similar to the ones I & many other hypnotists have used. This script will help you get a feel for how hypnotists speak to their clients/volunteers to help them mentally and physically relax. Of course, once you get the hang of it, you can begin creating your own beneficial relaxation scripts.
  • BONUS: Because I LOVE students who take action vs making excuses, I've made sure to include a bonus section with this training. You'll receive visual references for future success as well as a tip that will enable you to profit. It is, however, up to your personal ambition & self-motivation that will ultimately determine both your success rate as well as how much you could earn providing this experience to others!
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