Being Hypnotized & Being Drunk

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the similarities between alcohol and hypnosis.



***State of Mind***


Just as many of us have grown up watching how are parents act when drinking, it may be interesting for some of you to relate that to the silliness of comedy stage hypnosis.

When drinking, adults feel more relaxed, have lowered inhibitions, open up and may say or do silly things. When you think about it, this is pretty much the same outcome volunteers of hypnosis experience.

The reason is because when following the verbal guidance of a hypnotist, volunteers are being helped in tapping into a similar part of their own minds as they’d access if they drank.

Therefore, when the volunteer lets the hypnotist guide them to that part of themselves, they’re willingly tapping into the creative part of their mind that enables them to create a virtual reality for themselves. This is typically known as Hypnotic Phenomena (CLICK HERE to learn more about phenomena).

I’m hoping at this point, it’s easier to understand why someone hypnotized on stage may:

  1. Dance in a crazy or sexy manner on stage
  2. Say something outrageous
  3. Act out an action/scenario they normally wouldn’t
  4. Use language they typically refrain from

That’s why I often make it a point to mention that neither I or any other hypnotist can force any one person to do anything they don’t wish to do because, just like drinking, it’s the volunteer’s choice to have the experience.

In addition to the concept of a naturally quiet/introverted person coming out of their shell while in this state of mind, I’m sure it’s even easier to understand why someone with an out-spoken or wild personality would truly shine when given the opportunity.

As a self-discovered somnambulist during my original Vegas training, I was hypnotized one evening on Freemonth Street to go dance next to a street musician that had generated a large crowd. Little to the hypnotist’s knowledge, I’m a natural introvert who doesn’t always strive for attention.

That said, upon being woken up from trance, I simply looked at the musician, before looking at the hypnotist and shaking my head “No!”

So, rest assured, you won’t be hypnotized to do/say something you wouldn’t normally feel entirely comfortable with if you don’t wish to be. While hypnosis is a naturally fantastic alternative to alcohol, you still have ultimate control of what you choose to say and/or do.



In regards to actually hypnotizing an intoxicated individual, I’d advise beginner’s to simply avoid it.

While the person may seem “cool with it”, even I had some turn on me mid-demonstration and drunkenly heckle me or purposely screw the entire demo up for their own (and/or others’) cheap laughs.

If, however, you’re a thick-skinned individual who understands that such a reaction from that type of person doesn’t dictate your overall skills/execution, go for it (after heading the necessary safety precautions (as mentioned in our Basic Training Manual HERE)).

Hypnotizing inebriated people can be tricky. How much have they had to drink? How does that amount of alcohol affect that specific person? How drastically does it change their personality/ response time/ general reactions? Do they have any psychological or physical health issues that could be triggered if hypnotized?

These are only some of a plethora of serious questions you must consider before hypnotizing someone who’s been drinking. Safety should always come first as, without it, you immediately place yourself in a legally liable scenario if anything goes awry.

So, unless you have a good amount of previous experience with hypnotizing various types of people and/or thick skin, stick to hypnotizing sober family/friends/colleagues/individuals!



This week’s video demonstration compares the mental states of being hypnotized to being drunk…



Hopefully this helped you understand the affects of hypnotic phenomena during comedy stage hypnosis shows. Stage hypnosis is not, in fact, mind control but a person’s willingness to be quickly/efficiently guided through their own mind.

I’ve hypnotized buzzed, drunk and wasted people. In short, buzzed individuals are usually more chill/open to the experience; drunk individuals can be a hit or miss as far as their attention/reactions and I generally avoid wasted people (they need water, a hug and some sleep).

What silly things would you hypnotize someone/people to do? Let me know in the comments below and I may use your idea in my upcoming performance!

As always, if you’re ready to jump into learning basic hypnosis/ street hypnosis/ hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis from the comfort of your home at your own pace, HypnoKick has you covered:  CLICK HERE!

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