How To Hypnotize ANYONE In The World For Therapy Via Your Webcam!

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  • Pre-Session Check List

    Learn the steps to take to ensure your sessions go off without a hitch and are a success your volunteers/clients will rave about.

  • Sample Scripts

    Receive done-for-you sample scripts so you can both entertain people with comedy scripts as well as help them with hypnotherapy scripts.

  • Step-By-Step System

    Watch and listen to how I conduct sessions, giving you a better understanding of how to host your own professional entertainment/therapeutic Skype Hypnosis sessions.

Learn What Bases To Cover Before Conducting A Session For The Best Results

One of the only things worse than feeling like a session isn't going as well as it could be, is not taking the proper precautions and having your volunteers react negatively to the experience.

I always stress how important our volunteers' safety is. This is because they will remember whatever their experience was, be it positive or negative. If the proper safety precautions aren't taken to ensure a volunteer's mental/physical safety, they may be left with a negative impression of hypnosis.

With all the misinformation about hypnosis already out there, this is the last thing we want. This is why you'll receive a simple checklist of things to cover with your volunteer or client before hosting a full-fledged session.

After a private house party I hosted years ago as a young 20-something hypnotist, I was approached by a gentleman who told me how he once hypnotized a girl without taking these safety precautions. The result: his spending approximately an hour putting her multiple personalities safely back to where they belonged, without any previous experience in having to do so.

Needless to say, these safety checks will ensure the mental and physical health/safety of the person you plan to hypnotize. Once this step is taken care of, it will be safe to proceed.

Made-For-You Sample Scripts To Kick-Start Your Camnosis Skills

The only thing easier than taking a test you studied well for, is taking a test you have a cheat sheet for.

This is why you'll get several sample scripts you can use to get familiar with your wording, use in your first few live sessions and eventually branch off from as you become more experienced.

Whether looking to host Skypenosis sessions for comedy or therapy, one of the easiest ways to start is to use scripts that are proven successful by someone who is already using them professionally.

Once you've gotten the gist of the sample scripts and what's worked for you as a hypnotist on Skype, you'll have an inkling of an idea on how to customize your own. From this point, you'll slowly blossom into your own type of hypnotist.

Watch, Listen, Absorb & Replicate!

Being told what to do makes things easy, observing how a professional does things makes things easier.

You'll get to watch and listen to how I conduct my Skypenosis sessions with people who come to me for entertainment as well as therapy.

By absorbing this, it will give you a better expectation of how you can host a quality session and yield great results every time.

If you have ever had a doubt that you can host a successful Skypenosis session, you may be intrigued to know you've likely been over thinking it and it's about as clear cut as a basic hypnosis session for relaxation.

If you watch me demonstrate, listen to me talk and absorb the information I provide, you'll be able to easily replicate my results!

The Benefits of Camnosis


One of my favorite things about Skypenosis is I don't need a professional office space. Plus, many office spaces can be pricey to rent.

It's awesome to be able to sit in your home and host an entertainment or hypnotherapy session for someone that could use the laugh or help. I've personally hypnotized people living states away, half way across the United States and even across the ocean in foreign countries.

As long as you have wifi, it's awesome knowing you have the ability to connect to just about anyone in the world with wifi and Skype. There's never been a better day and age to grow your hobby or business internationally!


My favorite part of being a young entrepreneur has been managing my time how I want to.

There's something about having control over what you do and when you do it that's empowering. Not having to take orders and knowing you have a session coming up frees up so much of your daily/weekly/monthly calendar for various other projects/you time/adventures/etc.

This has been a key point to my happiness in my entrepreneurial endeavors as a Professional Hypnotist. Knowing I have the power to only schedule sessions when they're convenient for me has, without a doubt, made my life easier. I'm sure, therefore, you are someone who would appreciate similar freedom.


Imagine going about your daily life when out of the blue, you receive a notification you just received $100-$150. Feels awesome right?

I last encountered this two weeks ago at the gym. I was taking a break from one of my exercises and when I looked at my phone, I found a notification I had just made $150.

I smiled because, based on how I set my pricing up, I knew someone just paid for a 45 minute comedy hypnosis session with me. Also, when I thought about it, I just had my gym membership paid off for the next few months!

There's little in life that feels better than when you're living your day-to-day life, just to find that you made money for a session someone's scheduling with you.


The awesome thing about running your own Skype-based business is deciding what you'd like to specialize in.

Are you someone that greatly enjoys having fun and wants to help put a smile on someone's face?

Do you like making people laugh to the point of silence, tears or a hurting abdomen?

This is perfect if you have every wanted to perform comedy hypnosis but haven't been sure how to start. You can use this platform as a medium to practice your scripts, routines and jokes. The more often you perform comedy hypnosis via Skype sessions, the more confident you'll likely become in bigger social settings.

After all, a good hearty laugh is healthy for the mind/body/soul, so you might as well improve someone's day through Skype if you can't in person!


If you love talking with and helping those around you, Hypnotherapy might be the path for you.

This is, by far, the cheapest/easiest/most convenient way for you to host a Hypnotherapy session without needing an expensive office, receptionist or any of that fanciness. Anytime someone reaches and requests a session with you, you can use this platform to help said person overcome or improve whatever their situation is.

The beauty of Skypenosis is being able to help anyone with their issues and knowing that with a simple webcam session, you can help to drastically improve their life. Just like building a muscle the more you visit the gym, you'll have the perfect chance to improve anyone's life through multiple Skype sessions.

At the end of the day, one of the best feelings is knowing that you had a positive impact/influence on someone's life. Using nothing more than a webcam and script, someone can now live a more positive life because of your words.

Learn How To Host Professional 1-on-1 Comedic/Therapeutic Camnosis sessions TODAY!


Skypenosis Training
Digital training delivered via email.
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  • How To Read People

    Learn how to read people’s body language to understand if your Skypenosis is working. You’ll be shown the basics all the way down to specific details that will prove to you whether or not your volunteer/client is truly hypnotized.

  • Social Media Plugs

    I’ll be providing you the social media plugs for another Hypnotist I hypnotized for this training. This way, you’ll be able to expand your hypnosis knowledge through different teaching channels.

  • Full-Length Sessions

    I’ll upload the full-length versions of the comedic clips I filmed with other YouTubers. You’ll witness first-hand how I conducted 1-on-1 Skypenosis sessions for both comedic & therapeutic purposes.