How I Booked A $1200 Client

The one thing I’ve noticed most students have difficulty wrapping their heads around, “Why would anyone pay me $1000+?” Answer: Special Skill!


***Let’s Review***


While hypnosis is a natural state we all experience daily, most misunderstand what it actually is (let alone the steps to execute a proper demonstration) both of which you can learn the bare basics of by *CLICKING HERE*


***People Pay For Value***



While I’m sure a number of people may not like this statement, there’s a reason why people working at registers/bagging areas in store get paid so little: there’s little skill involved.

People are willing to pay handsomely for live entertainment simply because they themselves likely don’t understand the first thing about providing it to themselves.

Example: I often have to tell an audience member during my show exactly what to do so they can successfully hypnotize people on stage, enabling them to act like “The Hypnotist” for that moment. If I simply picked that same volunteer and said, “Become the hypnotist and hypnotize your peers on stage”, I get people who feel put on the spot, lost, confused, pressured, etc. This is because they weren’t professionally trained to understand what works/why. Yet, it takes little brain work to understand how to put a loaf of bread or gallon of milk into a grocery bag.

For that reason, it became apparent to me throughout the years, people are paying me for a skill I’ve now literally spent $1000’s learning/perfecting so I can provide them & their guests with a memorable time. In fact, I’ve heard stories of others who have played around with hypnosis just to have it backfire due to their incredible lack of knowledge regarding safety & performance execution.

One specific example: a colleague told me about some kids years ago that hypnotized their friend who ended up having a seizure and they wanted to know what went wrong. Shortly after my colleague explained the situation, they made the smart choice not to play around with hypnosis again due to lack of actual knowledge/training.

Still yet, every serious student that trains under me has the same mental block, “Why would anyone pay ME $100’s or $1000’s? Who am I to deserve it?” The answer is simple (assuming you work with me or another professional in any field of entertainment), you’re a well-trained entertainer with a unique skill people willing pay to experience first hand.

Up-to-date, my advanced student Drew (who held himself back with these same worries for weeks) has now made more than 6x the amount he paid me to mentor him. He now uploads videos and constantly keeps me in the loop with his success stories (which is a BADASS feeling as a mentor)!


Watch this week’s video demo to see how I land my clients over-the-phone who normally only pay $100’s for ent:





You may think $1000 is a lot but once you realize there are entertainers making $10,000+ for similar events, you realize not only do venues have the budget to pay you for your specialized skills but $1200 is “low end”. I actually managed to land a $2000 contract with an organization for 2017. So, if you’re SERIOUS about learning how to perform hypnosis and/or how to professionally get paid $100’s if not $1000’s, view our LIVE Training Seminar & past student testimonials by *CLICKING HERE*

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