How I Hypnotized a Fraternity

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson revolves around “weeding out”.



***Let’s Review***

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Weeding out is used by just about every hypnotist you may have seen via:

  1. Magnetic Hands
  2. Magnetic Fingers
  3. Eye Lock

These are the three most popular tests hypnotists use to figure out who in their audience is most in tune with both: the hypnotists verbal instructions & their own imagination.

The idea is that utilizing such suggestibility tests before starting the actual show, the hypnotist will be able to easily spot who will be the best volunteers (considering the best ones will have their hands/fingers “magnetized” together or eyelids “locked” in place).

As my students who’ve taken my Stage Hypnosis Training know, I prefer what I call a New-Age approach.



*Weeding Out*

While I often incorporate my own suggestibility test into the induction of my show, I’ve learned some things:

  1. Just like the classic suggestibility tests, different audience members will react differently to the test.
  2. While some will react perfectly to one test, they may have little to no reaction to another.
  3. The previous 2 points mean you have to continuously be looking at as many of the audience’s faces/bodies as possible to weed out who’s most reactive most often.
  4. While many may react well to all tests, few may pass the following…

After bringing my audience out of my initial induction, I will (at some random point) give the “sleep” command moments later.

It’s been interesting to see through the years with my New-Age approach that even while some may get hypnotized initially and react well to some of my tests, few will naturally drop back under when commanded.

Still, this process serves as an easy way to detect who’s truly in-the-zone. Once these people drop back under, we more likely than not know exactly who our volunteers will be for the show.

For those new to hypnosis, this technique (in its most basic sense) is known as a “re-induction”. It’s actually used in every hypnosis show every time a hypnotist tells someone on stage to “sleep”.

The reason I thought this would be of help is because I was flustered during the Fraternity Hypnosis show I hosted in this week’s video demonstration.

My microphone kept cutting out and my music was acting up, both before the show even started. Thus, I thought I was losing the relaxed focus of my frat volunteers.

As you’ll see below, I only implemented the laughing test on one of the volunteers, so I wasn’t sure how many others were in-the-zone. The others were revealed upon re-inducing whoever would go under as I snapped my fingers. Watch the results below.


This week’s video demonstration elaborates my re-induction technique…



You can, of course, skip all other suggestibility tests and simply hypnotize your audience and bring them back before immediately re-inducing them.

This would, in theory, also help weed out those who didn’t feel hypnotized to begin with as they would be unlikely to automatically drop back under like those around them.

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