How NOT To Hypnotize Someone Part 2

This week’s free hypnosis training covers how not to hypnotize someone, this time via webcam.





Hypno Mime: Mimes can be fun. Hypnotists can be even more fun. A HypnoMime though? Duuuuuude, now you’re talking. Simply signaling every part of the process and each command you want your client to follow. In person, this might make a decent comedy bit but your client’s likely to be confused as hell after you successfully get them to close their eyes. Then what? you literally can’t talk, mime is literally in your professional title. You’re screwed, how did you even make it this far in your career? How are you even making money? Are you a scam artist? Now I’m intrigued…link me to your free educational blog, I wish to learn your secrets at once. Wait, you can’t talk, so you can’t make any comments below…or on YouTube…or Facebook. Does this affect your love life? Now I just feel for you.


Mic Creepin’: The last thing you want to do is to deter your clients. One of the best ways to go about this is to not be creepy. Yes, this means not wearing a trench coat with a hat bill mostly covering your face while on webcam. It also means not making out with your microphone (even if you find your client attractive). Remember, you’re a professional hypnotist and it’s in your best interest to treat every situation/ client/ session/ and the like with professionalism. You don’t need to be intimately close with your microphone to be heard talking calmly on your client’s end. While some may be into the  ASMR sounds of your saliva, my educated guess is that your paying clients want your nice, relaxing tone and guiding words more than your thirsty attempt at uncalled-for-hypnotic-seduction. 


Closing Laptop: Closing your laptop puts your laptop to sleep, not your client. If you’re looking for an effecctive way to hypnotize your client and put them to sleep, simply use HypnoKick’s Induction sample script from our free downloadable ebook or the Induction sample script from HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training. Both will likely get the job done, especially if you’re a noob at this hypnosis thing. Seriously, if you think simply putting your laptop to sleep is going to cause your client to pass out into a hypnocoma then (1) you don’t understand hypnosis and (2) what a jerk move. Really? You were ok with them going into a hypnocoma? I mean, there’s no such thing but prepare for your worst Yelp review yet!


Sleep Attack: I’ll make this one simple. YOU…ARE …NOT…GOKU! This is not Dragon Ball Z, you won’t be knocking your clients out with energy balls of low frequency. Sleep Attack is something I made up. I’m trying make you realize you’re living in a fantasy Neo. This world you’re engrossed in is fictitious. It’s not going to work. I mean, if you’re really hung up on the idea you can try it, just don’t come whining to me when you receive more crazy Yelp reviews. Seriously, start paying attention to your Yelp, people think you’re cray cray!


Telepathy: I’ll admit, if you can hypnotize someone without a single word, contact me ASAP. In fact, I’ll James Randy this situation. Contact me to set up a date/time to personally hypnotize me via webcam telepathy and if it works, instead of paying you money, I’ll help personally build/market your brand. You just have to give me 50% of your earnings for doing so. Seriously, that’s like a million dollar marketing idea. To be frank however, I think you’re full of crap. Additionally, if you try too hard, you may risk crapping yourself (as seen in this week’s video demonstration).


Staring: While HypnoKick does have a lesson on a hypnotic induction that simply requires you to look into someone’s eyes as a re-induction (read here), staring isn’t suggested. This is like the visual version of “Mic Creepin'”, though instead of making your client uncomfortable with your saliva-based guidance voice, now you’re visually creeping them out with a stalker look. Think your client is pretty/handsome? Many enjoy a genuine compliment but cool your jets beyond that unless you’re prepared for another creeper-alert yelp review.


Feline Weirdness: Seriously? We went over this in our last lesson: here. There’s a reason it didn’t work, lack of practicality. Put the cat down and let it knock over all your belongings. Shame! You wonder why people don’t take you seriously as a hypnotist.




This week’s video demonstration shows how NOT to hypnotize people…again…



For best results, avoid every aspect of what I mentioned and demonstrated above. Don’t even try implementing them if you’re being paid, silly goose.

While there are countless strategies you can utilize to properly hypnotize someone, don’t take yourself too seriously and remember, once someone’s truly hypnotized, even a goofy looking/sounding induction can prove effective (just please ensure your volunteers’ safety)!

How would you actually hypnotize someone via webcam? Best response below gets a personalized free hypnosis gift 🙂

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