How NOT To Hypnotize Someone

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson covers 7 basic ways not to hypnotize people.



***Let’s Review***

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***What To Avoid***


Cards To Face: This one was taught to me by an old friend’s father. The original joke was the “magician” would have someone pick a card & shuffle it back in the deck before the magician would attempt to find it. More often than not, they would show the volunteer the bottom card and upon being told that wasn’t the volunteer’s card, the “magician” would say, “F*** YOU!” in a loud sarcastic tone while forcing the cards into their face. In this instance, everything’s the same, minus the rude verbal remarks.

Handshake Interrupt Slap: Many beginner, let alone experienced, hypnotists know the typical handshake interruption induction (shake their hand before grabbing their wrist and bringing their hand to their face). In this case, you shake their hand, grab their wrist and rapidly slap them in their face before they have the opportunity to react.


True Handshake Interrupt: The only thing more unexpected than someone getting their wrist grabbed, is never having their hand shaken to begin with. Imagine going in for a hand shake, they politely reach their hand towards yours and before they make contact with you (the almighty hypnoitst), you immediately pull away and make a finger gun pointed at them while making a face like The Fonz.


Snake Charmer: Ever seen a snake charmer? If not, google it! If so (or if you’re reading this after your google search), you simply have the volunteer sit down comfortably and watch your hand. You’ll extend your hand out as if using the force like a true jedi, begin wiggling your fingers and proceed to do the wave with your arms as you begin to undulate your body.


Obnoxious Commander: Ever been to military boot camp? Chances are your volunteers haven’t either. This time, you’ll give them a taste of what the maggot life is like. When they express interest in being hypnotized, you’ll make sure they’re prepared before yelling/commanding, “SLEEP!”


Pillow Chucker: This one is a bit off the cuff. Most likely best for private parties, especially slumber parties. This may work especially well if you’re annoyed with the person in their own home. Simply grab the nearest pillow, chuck it at their face and yell, “Sleep!” On second thought, this may be one of my best parenting pieces of advice ever…you’re welcome!


Feline Weirdness: Do you know a cat lover/crazy cat lady? Awesome news, if you can find a cat, you can grab it and slowly rotate the cat in a circle in front of your volunteer. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the cat’s eyes are looking into that of your volunteer’s. While all the above inductions may seem improbable, this may actually have the potential to properly induce the right cat enthusiast. Please remember, with great feline power, comes great furry responsibility.




This week’s video demonstration shows how NOT to hypnotize people…



In all seriousness, you should have fun while performing because that’s the point behind Comedy Street/Stage Hypnosis.

While there are countless strategies you can utilize to properly hypnotize someone, don’t take yourself too seriously and remember, once someone’s truly hypnotized, even a goofy looking/sounding induction can prove effective (just please ensure your volunteers’ safety)!

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