How To Become The Right Hypnotist

This week I cover some things all aspiring hypnotists should consider, when learning hypnosis, that will determine the type of hypnotist they are.



***Let’s Review***



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***Type of Hypnotist***



Up-to-date, I’ve seen/met:

  1. Egotistical Hypnotists
  2. Story-telling Hypnotists
  3. Theatrical Hypnotists
  4. Marketing-heavy Hypnotists
  5. Etc.

The one thing all of these hypnotists have in common is that they all have their own client base.

While I personally am not a fan of 1 or 4, they still have some characteristics that enable them to acquire paying clients (if not annual paying clients).

In this week’s video lesson I mention a 2-for-1 and the reason is because I’m relating it specifically to bullet points 2 & 3 above. More specifically, I’m referencing my colleague Brizy (#2) & myself (#3).

As a comic book/strip writer/illustrator, it would make sense that Brizy is a Hypnotist who has a story line in place for his hypnosis volunteers to be a part of. It’s like a book playing out in real-time for his audiences.

On the same note, as a Vegas-trained Hypnotist, it makes sense I understand and enjoy flashy hypnotic inductions and moving somewhat fast-pace through my routines (though my ADHD may also contribute).

In the past 7 years, it’s become apparent that I appeal greatly to younger generations with my New-Age Hypnosis approach of incorporating technology in combination with young adult-like edgy humor.

Likewise, it’s apparent that venues that hire Brizy to perform appreciate his clean-cut comedy with routines fit for any audience to enjoy, whether as a volunteer or audience member.

The question, then, becomes how do you know what type of Hypnotist is right for YOU to be?



***Testing The Waters***



As stated in last week’s lesson, you must get out there and HYPNOTIZE! Until you do, you won’t have a realistic grasp as to what routines you like/dislike/why/etc.

For example, I was taught the classic Alient & Translator routine in 2011. After years of seeing various hypnotists demonstrate this I found it SO boring! Additionally, I soon realized I could incorporate technology into my show which soon became part of its staple (in addition to young adult humor).

Thus, while I’ve tested out various routines and story lines, I soon understood I liked being edgy/ doing things most weren’t doing/ steering clear of “safe” comedy jokes/routines. You may also be surprised to know I’ve rarely (if ever) had a set script for the jokes or order for routines I do, some are simply improved!

On the other hand, Brizy has found that while he can easily replicate most of my current (and past) tours, he prefers incorporating clean comedy everyone can enjoy while mixing it with routines that, while silly to some audience members, are a blast for his volunteers.


This week’s video demonstration shows the differences in Brizy & I’s performances…





So, get out there and start hypnotizing people. Start with basic relaxation on a family member/friend (if you’re currently working to get over performance anxiety) and work your way up to simple hypnotic phenomena.

In the oncoming weeks/months/years of you practicing, you’ll get a hang of both the routines you perform and ultimately the type of hypnotist that’s right for you to perform as.

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