How To Close a $750 Hypnosis Deal

This is for those looking to charge more than the beginner hypnotist’s wage of $200-$300/hr. If that’s you, or you just like absorbing knowledge from active professionals in the field, keep reading…


***Let’s Review***


If you’re one of those with the unfortunate mentality that you’re not worth $100’s (let alone $1000+), feel free to review the post I created explaining why you ARE in fact worth that much by  *CLICKING HERE*


***Closing Hypnosis Deals***


Honestly, considering the post link in the above “Let’s Review” section, $750 really isn’t too much to ask, especially considering the following:

REASON 1: Late Request. This client reached out to me with less than 30 days until their event. I literally get 1-3 requests country-wide on a daily basis. On a good day, I’ve literally received 6-12 requests. That said, my specialty is in demand. Introducing a convenience fee helps us separate those trying to book a random act on a whim and those willing to pay a premium for the value I have to offer.

REASON 2: It’s A Specialty. As stated in Reason #1, Hypnosis is a specialty – I’d argue most people still don’t fully understand it, let alone know how to properly execute a demonstration safely. This is the reason I tell all my beginning students that invest in my basic home-based trainings (or those who hire me as a mentor) that starting out at $200-$300 per hour is more than reasonable. Those are the price points I started at until I better honed my craft and became comfortable with what are now my own routines/skills.

REASON 3: Double RequestOn one hand, I can understand trying to book a specialty act a few weeks before your event if you weren’t previously sure what you wanted. However, to request one act before requesting an additionally shortly after the initial one was settled made me raise an eyebrow. Of course, as mentioned in this week’s video below, this was cause for an additional price tag.


Listen in to this week’s video lesson to see exactly what I say to successfully upsell and land my $750 contract…







At the end of the day, some of you will start charging higher premiums, some won’t…some may choose to implement the fee strategy, some won’t…there’s no right answer. In fact, given the amount of people looking for specialty acts on a daily basis, there’s a market for all entertainers. Just be sure to be true to yourself and as you start growing, don’t undercut yourself. People view me as “successful” because I (and my manager/agents) charge what I’ve become worth in the past few years. It takes time and everyone has a journey – always do what makes you feel right in your gut 😉


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