How To Create An Awesome Hypnosis Show

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As heavily mentioned in HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training, research is your friend.

With new hypnotists joining the entertainment industry yearly, a great many jump into stage performances with what they’re initially taught (I certainly did).

After realizing I was performing the basic routines every other hypnotist wore out through their own demonstrations, I began to branch off these routines.

While I’ve naturally managed to create my own approach & routines based off my Vegas training years ago, my students serve as a reminder not everyone has that natural creative flow 24/7.

In that case, you can do what I do (and tell my students to do) when I get stuck, research other hypnotists.

For example, I’ve been in martial arts now for years and after some research a few years ago, realized there are some hypnotists incorporating the idea. It’s often, however, on a small scale.

Additionally, my friend/colleague Hypnotist Chris Jones hypnotizes students into becoming their very own made up superheros and will sometimes have them interact with the audience.

In general, I would suggest expanding on a creative idea that comes naturally to you or doing research for a while until you find material from other performers you can expand on and make your own.





After I realized I’m one of the few real life martial arts hypnotists on the market, I decided to take it to a bigger scale as well as have it more interactive with the audience.

While I saw one hypnotist turn one person into a martial artist that would demonstrate their move on stage before sitting down, I’d turn everyone into  Mixed Martial Arts Masters.

I saw another hypnotist make their volunteer verbally interact with the audience, so I decided I wanted my volunteers to chase me through the audience (giving their peers a close-up of their intense desire to attack me).

In turn, I took two basic concepts (martial arts on a small scale & verbal interaction) and simultaneously expanded & combined them.

The result: a never-before-seen close up of hypnosis in action (that I’m aware of). This, along with various other factors, made students not only label me their “best” or “favorite” hypnotist but demand my immediate return.

As a result, I’ve already been re-booked at specific universities. In case you’re wondering, I’ve already begun constructing a new stage hypnosis show.

With Hypnosis having been around for so long, many students have admitted to either previously seeing similar routines online/in person (if not being a part of them) by different hypnotists.

For this reason, I think it’s important to mix/expand on what I believe is becoming increasingly predictable to the general market of audiences wanting our services.

Think about it, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely seen countless videos of various hypnotists performing similar (if not the exact same) routines to who knows how many different audiences.

Younger generations are seeing this more and more often. Thus, developing your own unique approach/routines, better ensures you’ll keep them on their feet, hanging onto your every word and therefore (ultimately) make them easier to hypnotize and entertain for the duration of your show.


This week’s video demonstration shows how I developed my martial arts routine…



Marc Savard recently called out another hypnotist for stealing his routine, word-for-word. I couldn’t agree more when his response was to encourage hypnotists to branch off from what others are doing & create your own unique experience for people.

Hope this brief explanation of how I developed one of my tour’s most notable routines has helped inspire you to develop your own routines. My tour’s still evolving and I’m always looking at new approaches, routines & psychological tricks to be anything other than the cliche hypnotist most have come to expect.

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