How To End Stage Hypnosis

Welcome to your final basic Stage Hypnosis Training lesson. This week I’ll help explain how you can end your show.



***Let’s Review***



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***Ending Your Show***



I’m guilty of hosting a similar finale to many other Hypnotists. Inducing amnesia onto my stage volunteers. Now, if you’ve never heard of/seen this, this is the basic premise.

Your show has come to an end and for one last final laugh, you tell your stage volunteers they will forget everything that’s happened during the entire show, until they step off stage (which will trigger their memory). You’ll tell them they will be under the impression that you are a fake, fraud, conman, etc & owe them (or their establishment) a refund.

Of course, upon waking your stage volunteers, there’s often a moment when I ask them how they enjoyed their experience or request they return back to their seats in the audience. Of course, given my previous command, they generally react either confused, unimpressed or simply pissed off.

This makes for a good laugh from the audience, especially when you ask each stage volunteer to verbally express their thoughts. I’ve personally received responses from, “We just sat here the whole time” to claims similar to “You’re a shit hypnotist!”

I promise to make it up to each of them if they join me in a safe departure from the staged area. I instruct the audience to keep focused on their faces because the moment they leave the staged area, you can see their memory is jogged, reality hits them like a brick wall and their faces light up with surprise, disbelief and laughter.



***New Approach***




Of course, since I’ve spent the previous 6 lessons conditioning you to appreciate my new-age approach to old-fashioned stage hypnosis, I’ll now explain my thoughts on a newer finale.

I believe it was back in 2015/2016 that I began brainstorming a new-age approach to a stage hypnosis finale. In short my question was something to the effect of, “Why not use the end as a way to benefit stage volunteers”.

After a little thought, it only made sense to me (personally) I incorporate a special something in my finale that actually improved the lives of those who volunteered for my shows. Plus I figured this would be an indirect way of thanking them for volunteering themselves for an awesome experience.

I began implementing it and up-to-date, I’ve been told be a few students that they remember my finale from the previous year and they were still benefiting from it, thanking me.

You, yourself, however, can develop anything you think might be just as funny as induced amnesia or as beneficial as the tool I began utilizing for my new show.

At this point I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth my finale consisted of and/or how you could possibly create your own humorous/beneficial finale. The good news is I’ve made sure to include answers to both of these questions in our new Stage Hypnosis Training which you can now learn from by *Clicking Here* like 5 serious students already have!


This week’s video demonstration shows you how to pull off the classic induced amnesia described above…






As with everything in our last 7 weeks of basic stage hypnosis training, the show you present to your clients/audiences is completely up to your discretion. I’ve simply laid the ground work presented to me by my mentors and various other hypnotists I’ve seen perform. There’s not right or wrong way to perform as long as you always keep your clients wants/needs in mind and are caring in terms of your volunteers’ mental/physical/emotional safety.

Hope these past 7 weeks have encouraged you to think outside-the-box from what others in the industry have stuck to for decades. I think it’s time for a change, some innovation or tweaking at the very least. Im proud to be backed by multiple universities when I say that my current tour (the bulk of which is covered step-by-step in the Stage Hypnosis Training) has begun to challenge others in the industry by implementing said change, innovation and tweaking.

Leave a comment below explaining how you would host a Stage Hypnosis Show differently for your chance to win a copy of one of the modules from HypnoKick: Stage Hypnosis Training for free!

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