How To Gain Free Hypnosis Publicity

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the power of conversational steering.



***Starting Conversations***


Since I posted an Uber Hypnosis compilation video on my Jon Wayes YouTube earlier this week, I’ll be explaining this lesson from my perspective as an Uber driver.

In short, I heard of fellow hypnotists Ubering when they weren’t touring and handing out postcards/business cards to their riders. They believed this could lead to future business opportunities.

Months after I began Ubering, I realized I was both a convenient time saver for my riders and also a temporary “friend” that they could open up to.

Thus, I started asking how my riders were when the initially entered my car and, assuming they were conversationalists not glued to their cellphones, I would ask them about their day/life.

Certain people love talking about themselves, their lives and their experiences. If that was the case with a certain rider, I’d ask them about their career or if they enjoyed traveling.

More often than not, many of my riders expressed their love for their recent adventures, if not their aspirations to travel more. On the flip side, they may not travel much or wish to but loved their job.


***Steering Phrases***


After getting a passenger to open up about their love for/aspiration to travel/land a career they loved, I’d begin to socially steer the conversation.

If they loved traveling or aspired to travel, I’d follow up with something along the lines of, “I love traveling and exploring new places. I travel for a living so I’m always interested in seeing what new experiences I’ll have.”

If they have a career they enjoy or are figuring out how to land one, I may say, “I always tell young adults to chase their dreams. If they’re dedicated to their dream like I was, they will make it. It’s an awesome feeling to wake up everyday and do what you love. That’s what many consider the ‘American Dream'”

While subtle, little phrases like “I travel for a living…” and “If they’re dedicated to their dream like I was…” plant a seed of suggestion that I’m living a lifestyle worth knowing about.

More often than not, people will eventually ask, “What do you do for a living?”, “What do you travel for?”, “What’s your job?”, “Is this (Uber) your full-time job?”, etc.

At this point, you can see how my subtle phrasing successfully steers conversations into my passengers asking me about my life/career.

Sometimes I’ll hint that I’m an entertainer and around 99% of people will automatically ask either, “Are you in a band?” or “What kind of music do you play?” If that happens, I’ll sometimes tank them for thinking I could be a rock star (since that was actually one of my childhood dreams).

Regardless, I’ll eventually reveal my career as a Hypnotist. Younger riders are always impressed/intrigued by this answer (some even asking if I’m serious), while older riders either respond generally interested or neutral.

Either way, Uber became my free publicity tactic that’s gained me followers, pushed some riders to tip me generously for a quick demo post-ride but ultimately brag to their family/ friends/ colleagues that they just met a hypnotist!

As mentioned in the video demonstration below, while certain riders will happily follow you out of intrigue, some will desire proof of your skills. This is where the tip from HypnoKick’s Basic Hypnosis Training Manual comes in. Serious riders will willingly pay a small fee to be hypnotized once  we reach their destination.

Even in a normal social setting, your ability to steer a conversation well enough with the right people will lead to quick free publicity and easy money with little time or effort on your end. What’s more, that person gets to brag about meeting you and receives a unique experiences (it’s a win-win)!


This week’s video demonstrates the power of conversational steering…



After engaging in enough small talk with someone new, try finding a subtle phrase you can use to steer conversations in your favor.

The more often you steer, the more people will ask what you do & the more opportunity you have to advertise yourself for free (unless you bite the bullet and simply say it instead of the subtle steering phrase).

This tactic has gained me followers on social media, generated me more tips, landed me potential high-paying clients & has naturally influenced riders to brag about me as their driver (aka more free publicity).

Lastly, because so many riders tipped me to receive a basic demonstration, it’s provided me (as seen in the video demonstration above) additional (and well conditioned) promo footage.

As always, if you’re ready to learn Basic Hypnosis/ Street Hypnosis/Basic Hypnotherapy or New-Age Stage Hypnosis from the comfort of your home at your own pace, HypnoKick has you covered:  CLICK HERE!

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