How To Hypnotize Analytical People

Hint: Distract them with details!



***Let’s Review***



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***Bypassing Analysis***



I’ve had both worried students as well as analytical people themselves ask me how analytical people could be hypnotized.

I noticed, since starting my hypnosis practice in college with theater students, that if you provide the person with something to analyze, they will generally do so.

To take it a step further, if you provide them basic instructions to follow (such as breathing) before connecting said instructions with a detailed induction, they will often put enough focus on the induction that, in time, you can slowly calm their breathing and relax their mind and body.

We are all, to some extent, analytical people. Some are simply more in tune with both internal and external details simultaneously, making it difficult to relax, because when they realize they’re relaxing, they end up bringing themselves out of it.

It is a lot like resting in bed as you are trying to fall asleep, then having issues actually sleeping because you’re focused too hard on trying to force yourself to sleep versus relaxing your mind and body, letting go and having it occur naturally



***How To Hypnotize Them***



In a therapy session once, I began randomly painting a mental picture in my client’s mind and would simply tell them to concentrate on whatever ideas would come to my mind.

After a short bit, I realized I had this beautiful field painted in their mind. They were standing in the middle of it with the sun shinning and the temperature was to their liking. They could image themselves in this field, comfortable, care-free, content and stress-free.

They could imagine their mind slowly floating into the distance in front of themselves. While it may have been weird to picture, they understood they were in a calm, safe place and that this moment was for them to let go of any and all worry and stress. This moment was normal and they had nothing to think about or question. They could simply watch their mind peacefully drift off into the distance.

As they watched it move away, they could almost imagine losing sight of its detail. Soon being unable to recognize certain features, yet still understanding it is, in fact, still their mind and effortlessly drifting. It was actually relatively calming to watch their own mind float away, while knowing they could let their worries, stress, anxiety and emotions simply fade with every passing moment their mind drifted.

As you read this right now I’m curious, are YOU even a little bit more relaxed or mentally entranced than you were when you began this lesson moments ago? If so, then I’m happy to say that the point of my lesson this week was successfully achieved by causing you to experience a similarly detailed induction process that I put my analytical clients through. Neat huh?

If you weren’t affected, no worries, likely means you don’t easily achieve somnambulism which is a fancy way of saying you can still be hypnotized, though either a longer induction or different technique is likely to work better for you.

As you can imagine, this is great information when dealing with stage volunteers let alone 1-on-1 clients, especially hypnotherapy clients on Skype (as is the purpose of last week’s and today’s blog lessons).


This week’s video demonstration shows how I hypnotize someone by detailing part of a suggestibility test …





This week’s lesson is all about giving into the one thing that your volunteer or client thinks will serve as their biggest issue: analysis. The moment you paint a bigger picture in which they can analyze a smaller detail to greater detail, you’ve begun hypnotizing them successfully.

Note that this is a general tip and, depending on the person, may require critiquing. That’s why I often stress the importance of reading body language. Anyone can attempt hypnosis, though a quality hypnotist will understand how to alter sessions as they progress due to reading a person’s body language (even on Skype).

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