How To Hypnotize House Parties

This was one of the most fun parties I had the opportunity to entertain in 2017 & I want to explain how I obtained the position so YOU understand how to receive similar opportunities!


***Let’s Review***



To effectively performing strolling hypnosis for house parties of any sort, it’s always best you fully under the Safety Precautions/ Steps/ Nuances & Scripting for Street Hypnosis. Luckily for you, you can learn that  *RIGHT HERE*



***How To Get Private Gigs***




Up-to-date, the most powerful form of advertising is still word-of-mouth! That’s why when I got hired for the private house party in this week’s video demonstration, my client even admitted to watching a number of my YouTube videos & thus likely saw the various video testimonials from past clients (which likely helped sway her to believe I was worth my charge).

Needless to say, after putting my services out there for her and having a pre-show meeting weeks beforehand with one of her friends, I made her confident in her decision to move forward with me after agreeing to customize my performance to her needs.

Need #1) Make People Feel Comfortable: If someone doesn’t feel comfortable, they’re obviously not going to want to spend a lot of time around you. I agreed to perform a number of strolling magic demonstrations to warm up the arriving guests and get them used to me as a performer.

Need #2) Hit Them With Hypnosis: Once the guests were acquainted with me as a person as well as a performer, it was time to move in with the hypnosis. Needless to say this worked very well, considering at that point everyone knew about me and the purpose behind my being there. Of course, there were a number of skeptics, yet it made very little difference as just about everyone (assuming they weren’t to “gone” due to alcohol) ended up having a relaxing if not humorous time being hypnotized.

Bonus) Remember, It’s The Little Things: Many performers simply show up, perform and then leave with their check. I went out of my way to ensure the client was both happy but also had an extra set of helping hands to clean up the part as people left. While she ended up being one of those clients that didn’t particularly need the help, she appreciated the gesture. The more you do to make your client’s life easier, the more they’ll appreciate you as a person, let alone a performer



***Topping The Cake***




Seeing as that event was successful (all while holding about 20 people in a basement), my client requested I return for a future event. So, how do we top the current success?


Idea #1) Move The Venue Outside: My client had a nice size pool, hot tub, deck, patio and backyard. Naturally she decided she wanted to host a backyard pool party and she wanted me back to entertain the guests (some from the last party but most were new).

Idea #2) Additional Entertainment: I told my client I had a friend named Chris Jones who appeared on America’s Got Talent and would happily perform alongside me. Of course, this intrigued her and it wasn’t long before she agreed to bring him on board.

Idea #3) Helping To Prep The Party: Again, once Chris and I got there and officially met before everyone showed up, Chris went out of his way to see if there was anything he or I could do to make our client’s life easier. Again, she declined saying most work was done but appreciated the offer.

Idea #4) Switching It Up: Our client requested we simply drink, eat and have fun so when guests arrived, we blended in more as opposed to being nicely dressed and out of place for a pool party. This worked well and once one person asked to see a card trick, Chris was on it. Then I myself shortly after for another group. Eventually this led to Chris performing hypnosis on various people throughout the clients backyard/basement bar & me entertaining a different group in another part of the venue. This created a good balance of people having fun doing what they wanted while having live entertainment spread throughout the various groups for the duration of the party. Sometimes Chris would even do magic while I did hypnosis and vice versa.


The end result was our client, let alone her guests (yet again), were both entertained, happy and impressed with the private house pool party she held. This goes without saying she’s already told us to expect another request soon for 2018!


Watch this week’s video demo to see how Chris Jones hypnotized our client during her private pool party…








At the end of the day, everyone enjoys being entertained to some degree. The thing that will set you apart is both your unique twist to the entertainment you provide in addition to the little things you do extra to make your client’s life easier. Offer a helping hand, suggest an activity idea, help reduce their stress however possible & always show gratitude. Also, remember the word-of-mouth mentioned at the beginning of this lesson? There’s another potential client who I had the privilege of entertaining a few times throughout the evening that I connected with. Thus, for all I know, we may be in touch soon so I can entertain him/his guests at his luxurious venue!


As always, *CLICK HERE* if serious about starting your journey as a hypnotist today & comment below with suggestions for future lessons & yours might just get picked 🙂

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