How To Hypnotize In Noisy Places

Hypnotizing someone 1-on-1 in a quite area is easy, hypnotizing someone in a hectic environment only requires a few extra steps for success.



***Let’s Review***



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***The Truth***



While I used to be under the impression you had to have complete silence in order to gain a volunteer’s undivided attention, I’ve learned that’s not true. You can hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime, especially if they want you to.

As in any case when it comes to street hypnosis demonstrations, be sure to have the consent of those you plan to hypnotize. Obviously, the more willing/intrigued/excited they are, the more you want to focus on them because they will likely have the best reactions and experience.

Once you have the person you’re going to hypnotize, there are a few key points to remember:

  1. Be sure to double check that they’re alright to proceed/agreeing to the experience before initiating it
  2. Ensure they pass the safety precaution check list (covered in our Training Manual & Street Training)
  3. If, for any reason, it’s best they not stand, make sure there’s a chair/bench/couch for them to rest on






I was originally trained to use, and thus normally resort to, the handshake interruption induction (taught in our Street Hypnosis Training). So anytime I initiate a hypnosis demonstration in hectic environment with this induction, I’ll step to the person’s side (opposite of the hand they shook with) and position myself so I’m just behind them.

This enables me to stand within inches of them and to position my head in such a way that when I start talking to them, I’m in a similar position as someone telling this person a secret from behind.

One important thing to remember is that you’re in this position because your environment is noisy. So while being close is help, you must also be sure to

  1. Project your voice enough that they can hear it (without blowing out their ear drums – not cool!)
  2. Annunciate your words so that they fully understand your instructions as you project them

Be sure to stay in this close position throughout the demonstration, going through the regular motions as you normally would. Sometimes they will still bring themselves out due to having a personal issue concentrating (especially possible if under the influence of something).

It may also be an interesting idea to do a basic induction and give them instructions that, let’s say, bring them deeper into this relaxed state (such as every time you raise and then drop one of their hands). In theory, this would help you help them achieve a successful deepener (among other ideas) without having to use many, if any, words.


This week’s video demonstration exemplifies how you can hypnotize in noisy/hectic environments…





Assuming you have the right (willing/cooperative) volunteers, hypnotizing shouldn’t be much more difficult than it would be in a more calm and quiet setting.

Granted, no matter the environment you’re in, some will still bring themselves out of the experience due to feeling self-conscious, anxious, reacting to a defense mechanism or various other possibilities.

Just like regular hypnosis, keep persisting if you encounter any of the above, it’s not the end all. I’ve successfully hypnotize many in noisy environments that were originally distracted themselves, anxious laughing themselves out of it, etc.


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