How To Hypnotize Jewish Parties

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains differences in hypnotic interactions.



***Let’s Review***

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***Pre-Show Check***

One very important aspect I’ve learned about being an entertainer is to ensure:

  1. Your client (aka event manager) is happy
  2. The guests you’ll be entertaining are physically/emotionally comfortable
  3. You avoid any specific topics, taboo language, etc, depending on the crowd

The easiest way to accomplish this, as we’ve mentioned in a previous lesson, is to simply reach out to the event manager and ask them questions.

While your job is to entertain their guests, I often mention that my first job is to ensure the process of getting all details hammered out is as quick, easy and stress-free for the event manager as possible.

The easier you make their life, the more drawn to you as an entertainer they will become and the more likely you’ll be to receive a raving testimonial.



***Jewish Culture***

Considering I’ve entertained a Jewish Birthday and Hanukkah Party, I figured putting my combined experience of both into the category of “culture” would benefit any readers who may get hired for similar Jewish events.

Things that are best to refrain from when entertaining Jewish people:

  1. Avoid bringing their women to the center of attention.

While this may not hold true for all events, the majority of Jewish parties I’ve entertained have requested I use their boys/young men only. This is because they believe in keeping men’s minds pure of the women in their culture. By bringing a woman up for a demonstration or full show, they feel it runs the risk of making her not appear “lady-like” (for a lack of better words). To ensure men don’t think of the women inappropriately, the organizers I’ve dealt with have always requested I utilize men for my demonstrations. The only exception to this up-to-date has been if they hired me to entertain a women specifically because it was her birthday.

2. You may shake a man’s hand, however, simply smile at women.

This threw me off originally because I was raised to always say, “Yes Sir/Ma’am” and “No Sir/Ma’am” as well as to shake the hands of my elders and those I’m meeting for the first time. However, if you’re a man, it’s best to stick to shaking other mens’ hands because it’s frowned upon to touch women (unless you’re already married to that specific woman). I embarrassingly tried shaking the hands of a few elder women out of respect at a Hanukkah party before they politely smiles and informed me they didn’t shake hands. I apologized, remembered after the second or third time and simply carried on smiling/saying “hello” to the women. If you have any demonstrations requiring touching, as you can imagine, it’s (again) best to use one of the men present. If you’re wondering what to do if you’re a women entertainer, my first though would be they may not hire women given the point I made above (though they might if you yourself aren’t Jewish). Regardless, as previously stated, call and discuss specifics with the venue manager. 

3. Steer clear of any sex-related jokes, even innuendos. 

As you may assume, this relates to the first point made above, though applies to all of the Jewish community, not just the men. Even at the adult birthday party I entertained in Chicago years ago, I was informed by one of the head men that one of my card tricks (which included a card with the word “sex” jokingly written on it) was even inappropriate. Again, they wish to keep their minds as pure as possible, thus including any jokes, jabs or innuendos run you the risk of either receiving negative looks, reviews, both and possibly more. When in doubt, just don’t do it!


What does that mean for hypnosis shows? Keep them simple!

As you’ll see in this week’s video demonstration, I reverted back to my roots in hypnosis where many start. You keep the routines plan and simple while still fun.

Remember, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean you won’t impress your audience. Even people who have seen hypnosis before are often still impressed and humored by what another hypnotist is able to accomplish.


Routines examples appropriate for Jewish Parties:

-Name Amnesia

-Number Amnesia

-Forgetting how to drink bottled water

-Feeling stuck to a chair


-Spontaneous Laughter



This week’s video demonstrates hypnosis routines appropriate for Jewish Parties…



Always contact your venue manager ahead of time to discuss language barriers, skit options, gender/cultural rules, show rating, appropriate topics of humor, etc.

Again, if you enjoy the thought of a specific skit/idea/demonstration but are unsure how it will be received, simply avoid it (better safe than sorry)..

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