How To Hypnotize Like A Rockstar

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson teaches how to effortlessly hypnotize people in a manner that makes you look awesome.



***Let’s Review***

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***Simple Truth***

The ultimate secret is PRACTICE!

As stated in this week’s video demonstration, I have 7 years of experience-based knowledge and understanding of hypnosis.

This originally enabled me to safely & effectively hypnotize people how I was taught.

Then, as I quickly progressed, I learned the various types of small & large-scale inductions I could perform (keep volunteers’ safety in check), that made the performance more theatrical.

The more I practiced the bare basics (ex: talking inductions & handshake interrupt), the more familiar I became regarding how different people reacted to being hypnotized.

The familiar I became with facial expressions, body posture and other detailed reactions, the more comfortable I became to begin branching from the basics.

Additionally, I don’t know about you but I grew up wanting to be a rock star ( I loved microphones and electric guitars). Up-to-date, hypnosis has felt the most “right” for me as an entertainer and has enabled me (via years of practice, trial and error) to act like a flashy rock star (as I’m sure it will to some extent for you).




At this point you may be waiting for me to just give you some step-by-step pointers for beginners, so here I go…

  1. While you can start with a simple handshake interrupt, I know some students get rediculous anxiety just from the thought of grabbing someone’s hand and strategically turning it, so just talk. Seriously, our Hypnosis Training Manual literally covers a basic word-for-word script you can use to help someone achieve a basic state of mental/physical relaxation. Starting here should provide most (if not all) aspiring hypnotists a good foundation to build on (after all, hypnotizing is primarily talking).
  2. As well-discussed in our Street Hypnosis Training, a handshake interruption induction is appropriate for most social settings you’ll be in (depending on the culture you’re in). It’s great when just meeting someone (aka Street-style hypnosis) or when you’re already acquainted such as a friendly gathering or stage setting. This was the first induction I was formally taught in Vegas and have seen just about every hypnotist I know use it.
  3. Once you get used to touching people with the handshake interruption induction, you can start incorporating other more dramatic inductions into your act. You could have someone stare at your hand for a moment, before you swing it in front of their face, tap their temples or forehead and gently guide their face down. You could also incorporate a simple shaking of their shoulder to make them go under.
  4. Once you get a hang of the first three types of inductions, you can begin exploring more intricate inductions that take a bit more detail to ensure volunteers’ safety. An example is when I hypnotized CJ in this week’s video from the stage. Despite never touching him, I got him to focus on my hand and go under hypnosis by instructing him how his body would react to it while standing up. An example of how this could go badly is if the person had a bad knee/foot/or leg and wasn’t fully stable or if they had neck issues when their head plops down. These are one of many reasons I always tell serious aspiring hypnotists to learn safety first. It could easily save your volunteer from mental/emotional/psychological discomfort and (possibly) you from a law suit.



This week’s video demonstration explains how my skills have progressed & enable me to hypnotize like I’m a rock star…



Just like martial arts, your hypnosis will rock as long as you put in the time and effort to fully digest/ comprehend & properly execute the basic foundations of your craft.

While it may seem trivial to some ambitious hypnotists looking to become the next Derren Brown, I’ve seen my students fail to hypnotize people simply due to neglecting some of the basic fundamentals that enable hypnosis to work.

Practice, practice, practice & you’ll soon know when your confident enough to try “fancier” techniques that allow for more theatrical performances. Either way, remember that the average person isn’t used to meeting/seeing a hypnotist, so even the basic fundamentals are likely to be more than enough to entertain if not impress them.

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