How To Hypnotize Someone (MKUltra Style)

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to change someone’s identity via hypnosis for comedic purposes.





This lesson is focused around the technique of name amnesia for comedic purposes. You won’t actually be changing, removing or controlling someone’s real identity.

The United States government apparently ran a program called MKUltra where they utilized a variety of techniques with the intention of accomplishing mind control.

From what I remember, the program included hundreds of tests where LSD, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Hypnosis and the like were used.

While this week’s lesson will give the illusion of a small scale version of you controlling someone’s reality, the truth is, in my experience, your volunteer(s) are still aware of their true original identity.

This week’s lesson is based of the popular hypnotic phenomena technique known as “Name Amnesia”.

While some volunteers may look like glazed over zombies, many have reported post-demonstration that they could see their name in their mind, they just had difficulty verbalizing it.

Others reported momentary blockage of memory and seeing a blank screen in their mind but on some level, they still understood they were who they were. This is starting to sound a bit philosophical, well I’ll be!


***Command Stacking***


This concept was explained in an earlier blog on HypnoKick. In short, it’s where you build upon (or branch off as I used to say) one hypnotic command to make a larger scale demonstration.

I start off with regular name amnesia. Once I get either a zombie-like blank stare or a confused reaction, I’ll then build upon the general amnesia routine.

I may ask,

“How old are you?”


“Where do you live?”


“Where do you go to school/work?”


“What’s your family’s name?”


Often times, if they don’t remember their name, they have similar difficulty answering follow up questions like the ones above.

Once I’ve given them a few moments to attempt to answer these questions. I’ll immediately move onto something personal, their name.

I’ll instruct them to look into my eyes and have noticed in having them do so, they become fixated and hypnotized by almost anything I say during that time. This makes it easier for me to tell them they forgot their name because they don’t actually have one. I’ll then nod my head nonchalantly & ask them to confirm this. Because they’re staring at and hypnotized by my gaze, they often agree accordingly.

Alternatively, I’ll instruct them that they’ve always had a favorite name or at least one they admired deep down. I tell them they like this name because this is their real name  & that they will say it out loud when I snap my fingers (I do…then they do)!

Once this command is successful, I have often told my volunteers that it’s just them and I in this world. That this world is ours for the taking to officially accomplish any goals/ aspirations/ adventures they have desired.

When I originally tested this idea on the fly months ago, the person I hypnotized felt they had no identity, name, age, relatives, friends and did, in fact, have the entire world at their disposal. It was weird to do this for the first time on my end, let alone seeing how they reacted to calmly to it.

In this week’s video demonstration, I show how I start this basic “stolen identity” routine and manage, for one person, to convince them that they’re actually in an alternate/virtual reality. Yet again, this was on-the-fly but the results…I’ll let you judge.


This week’s video demonstrates shows how to temporarily alter someone’s identity


HypnoKick is designed to properly educate and I hope you found this week’s lesson both informational, impressive and helpful.

While I don’t condone students using hypnosis for evil, this type of hypnotic demonstration is safe as long as your intentions are good.

ALWAYS check up with your volunteers after to ensure they understand everything that happened and feel safe/comfortable. For some, their realities may feel slightly shifted and should be given proper after care. While this isn’t strictly mind control, it’s certainly a tool/technique not to be abused. If you do, neither Jon Wayes, HypnoKick or any affiliated parties will be held legally liable for your personal actions.

I’ve heard of many hypnotists who don’t check up on their volunteer(s) post show/demonstration and pride myself on ensuring those I entertain feel safe, secure & happy to have had the experience.

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