How To Hypnotize Waitstaff

I think it’s time you start hypnotizing waitstaff at restaurants…don’t you…let’s begin!



***Let’s Review***



Approaching someone for hypnosis is like approaching someone you want to be friends with and/or date…first impressions matter. If you’re curious how to make the right first impression for cold-approach Street Hypnosis, watch me explain & demonstrate both (in detail) by clicking  *RIGHT HERE*



***Approachable Waitstaff***




I’d say that the type of waitstaff you approach is an important first note. If you go to a super fancy dinning area, there will likely be a good amount of customers your waiter/waitress has to attend to. Thus, unless you somehow strike up a conversation with them about what you do and they express interest in a demo, it’s best not to bother them.

If, on the other hand, you enter one of the following establishments (all of which I’ve done at some point), you’ll likely have a better shot

  1. A Cafe
  2. A Jimmy Johns
  3. A Pub with outside deck
  4. A Bar that doubles as a restaurant

I’ve noticed Cafes & Jimmy Johns tend to hire mellow, open-minded people who enjoy their job for the most post. Because of this, getting them to agree to a quick demo is often easy (or at the very least, they may find a co-worker for you to try it on out of nervousness). As for pubs or bars…they’re pubs and bars, owners/waitstaff have likely seen/heard/experienced similar things many don’t see/hear/experience everyday



***Hypnotizing The Staff***




Once you’ve got the attention of an employee whose ready for their personal demo, you simply have to get them comfortable with the experience.

This is often why you see stage hypnotists (even myself) perform what are known as “suggestibility tests”. These tests help us dictate the Intelligence & creativity of our potential volunteer. If they are able to follow simple instructions in the order and at the speed we deliver them, we know they’re intelligent. If they react well, be it quickly or moderately, we know they’re able to easily tune into their creative mind.

From this point, we proceed with a simple command such as making some part of them “stuck” to something, giving them temporary amnesia or various other things.

Of course, once you’ve successfully gotten them to experience hypnotic phenomena, it’s easy to re-induce them anytime later on that day & go about another demonstration. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, other staff will volunteers after seeing the process is easy, relaxing and most of all, fun (granted it’s often a “weird” fun to them.

Watch this week’s video demo to see exactly how Darrin & I hypnotize a JJ worker…







As long as you’re not interrupting business, getting them in trouble & they willingly wish to experience hypnosis, I say go for it. One of the best feelings is knowing that you were the first one to provide another their first hypnotic experience which was stress-relieving, enjoyable & memorable. This, as you can imagine, is also an incredible way to get footage of yourself (assuming they “OK” it first) for future reference/promo!


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