How To Hypnotize Without Props

In case you haven’t noticed, unlike many Hypnotists that insist on using goofy props, I’m more of a psychological performer (hence my title of Psychological Illusionist in my “About Me” tab). Thus, this week I explain simple hypnotic routines you can perform: anywhere, anytime on anyone [willing to be hypnotized that is].


***Let’s Review***


A great start to this week’s lesson to to review last week’s “Command Stacking” where you can learn flawless transitioning between comedy routines by Clicking Here


***Hypnotizing Propless***


I’ve never been big into using props for comedy hypnosis. One reason is that I’ve personally been asked to demonstrate a lot on-the-spot. In these situations I could be anywhere, at a house, bar, theater, festival, etc.

Please note, when I personally mention “props” I mean additional things like inflatable guitars, goofy hats or silly costumes many hypnotists would have ready-to-go for a stage show.

By learning how to hypnotize your volunteer when asked, it’s a great way to train yourself on the basics as well as how to use what you have.

Here are some examples:

Propless Hypnosis 1) Hypnotizing someone to believe that anything they are wearing is yours and that it’s time for them to returned what they borrowed. Then, upon waking them up, I often enjoy asking for their hat and/or sunglasses and proceed to thank them for “holding on to these items for me”. They’re usually happy to give them to me until I snap them out of it and they’ve realized what I’ve done.

Propless Hypnosis 2) Hypnotizing someone to believe that the person they are with is just a best friend but you are actually their significant other. While I’ve personally pulled this off a few times, I generally ask the man’s permission first, so he’s aware of the ridiculous that’s about to ensue!

Propless Hypnosis 3) Hypnotizing someone and touching their hand to help them concentrate on a certain arm before instructing them they will feel a weird sensation that will cause their arm to float up. Usually in a few moments the person’s arm will begin levitating to their side, at which point I usually tell the person their arm will be stuck in that position. When out of trance, I’ll often make a joke that they aren’t in class and that they can put their hand down (despite their having humorous difficulty doing so).

Propless Hypnosis 4) If you’re out in nature with little to work with but maybe a park bench, you could hypnotize someone to have their hand stuck to the table. Have them seated so when you give them the ability to remove their hand they realize their butt’s now stuck and they’re unable to get up. For those of you who read it, you’ll realize this specific idea goes hand-in-hand with last week’s “Command Stacking” lesson.


Watch this week’s video demonstration (correlating to the 4th example) below:





As I presume for those who have followed me and watched how I’ve performed/taught through HypnoKick, I’ve always enjoyed the more psychological side of hypnosis more so than the prop side. I feel it’s a better way to connect with someone who wants the experience without inducing possible embarrassment via silly objects/costumes.

While it’s ultimately up to you based on your desired outcome whether or not you utilize props, I’m a firm believer that cold-approach and propless hypnosis is a great way to learn how to: think on your feet, build rapid rapport and, if you’re a beginner, get used to performing the basics.

Let me know if this was helpful via a comment below and/or what you’d like to learn in the future!




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