How To Improve Hypnosis Demos

Several of my current students have a mental block performing street style hypnosis, so let’s talk about it.



***Let’s Review***



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***Mental Block***



That’s literally all it is, is a mental block. It’s the same thing that may have kept you from successfully:

  1. Upping your hypnosis price
  2. Riding your bike for the first time
  3. Initially asking that guy/girl out
  4. Achieving that work-related raise
  5. Etc.

Truth is, we live in fear all too often to truly get a taste of what we actually deserve out of someone or something.

I remember when I first started in Vegas at 19, my mental block was “why the hell would anyone listen to/trust a 19 year old hypnotist?” It made no logical sense to me because I refused to open my mind to the simple idea that others would be open-minded enough to listen to/trust me.

Let me give you a super simple piece of advice: Take ACTION!



***Results Of Action***



The night I arrived in Vegas at 19, I hypnotized the other students I ran into. While I was clearly shaky and somewhat unsure of the quality of my demonstrations, I understood the more practice I got the better.

There was even a time during the first night I had two guys look into each others eyes as part of my prolonged talking induction. That taught me that 2 random men feel weird starring into the other person’s eyes (go figure) and that I needed to have more faith in my ability to hypnotize (which would shorten the induction).

After the first night of training and going out onto the strip, I managed to hypnotize 1-3 people. That provided me with enough reassurance of my ability to hypnotize about 10-20 people the following 2 nights.

I’ll mention a perk of doing hypnosis in crowded places like a party (or Vegas) is that you will quickly generate a crowd and once they realize what’s going on and visually understand the process, people are now generally conditioned to listen to/trust you and will happily volunteer themselves for the experience.

I ended up hypnotizing so many people when I got back from Vegas I managed to catch the interest of my university’s newspaper who dedicated a page to my hypnotizing their students in the lounge.

While I performed differently then, I’ve since grown in my knowledge of the topic, wisdom for various situations, confidence in execution & am much calmer and fluid in my delivery of the script and overall demonstration I’m executing. This has also applied to the professional side of my business, only believing I was once worth $400/hour until a few people showed me how to easily make $700-$1000+/hour!


This week’s video demonstration shows how I used to talk/act vs how I execute demos now…





Just like with learning to ride a bike, learning a new job position, understanding how to talking with and pick up the type of people you’re interested in and more, performing any type of hypnosis demonstration becomes easier with real-life practice.

The more time you dedicate to practicing on family/friends/colleagues/etc, the more fluent your hypnotic language will become, the better your technique will get and the more confident you’ll become performing.

The only reason anyone (especially young aspiring hobbyists/professionals) would consider me “impressive” or “amazing” is because I became obsessed with improve my scripts, performing more theatrically and eventually combining these elements with new ideas while most hypnotists stuck to old-fashioned concepts/routines.

You (yes YOU) literally have the potential to become as great (if not greater) than me, Hypnotist Jon Wayes. The one thing you have to do to achieve it, is get off whatever device your reading this on & practice on someone (anyone). Practice until the idea of rejection becomes your inspiration to find that willing volunteer. Practice until your demonstrations become as second nature to you as riding a bike or driving a car. Practice until you impress yourself & when you hit that milestone, go out and keep kicking some hypnotic ass!

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