How To Improve Your Hypnosis Skits

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson is about attention to detail.



***Let’s Review***

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***Average Hypnotist***

A stage hypnotist’s job is to test who in their audience is most receptive to their commands, pick those volunteers and guide them through their own imaginations to create funny physical and verbal reactions.

While this probably sounds like common sense, I’ve noticed through the years that sometimes a volunteer will do or say something that the hypnotist shrugs off.

Let’s say, for example, I’m hypnotizing students at a High School After Prom and I walk up to Jack and ask, “If you could do anything right now, what would it be?” and he responds, “A keg stand” I would laugh it off.

He’s a high school student and thus clearly not old enough to drink and I certainly shouldn’t continue to entertain the idea. If, however, Jack said, “Make out with my prom date”, that (depending on the venue/type of crowd) would be both age appropriate and likely hilarious.

Still, I can imagine numerous hypnotists laughing off that last hypothetical response just as I did for the first.



***Quality Hypnotist***

As a new-age hypnotist that’s based his current tour on the market research of other cliche performers, I pride myself in (and hope to influence future hypnotists to) act on information given by volunteers.

Again, I know many hypnotists and audiences would laugh at Jacks response but I would personally let him act on it.

Imagine, a young man under hypnosis laser-focused on his prom date once given permission to leave stage and make out with them. Then, they actually make out and (because hypnosis is a relaxed state of hyper-focus) that kiss is intense and their peers, staff and faculty at the prom are all laughing because Jack actually followed through.

Let’s consider comedic timing…

Professional comedians would simply tell a joke and let it go after it received an amazing response from their audience.

Comedians tie their stories together and often bring back some of the small jokes from the beginning, back in for a big finale.

Because they’ve been weaving this joke through various parts of their entire act, everyone remembers it when they reference it at the end with a bigger joke for the finale. In turn, the audience’s reaction is usually positive with laughter, clapping and cheering.

Let’s incorporate that into our hypnosis show…

Let’s say Jack mentioned making out with his prom date, keep that detail in mind but laugh it off for the moment.

If Jack ever brings up his prom date again later on in the show, make a subtle point of making sure the audience notices. If you’re unsure, consider jokingly referencing his earlier remark.

Then, near the end of the show, approach Jack and create a scenario that includes making out with his prom date that both gets him mentally laser-focused on the task while building the audience’s anticipation.

The Result?

As this week’s video demonstration will show, constructing your comedy hypnosis show around earlier incidents and weaving everything together for one big moment equals one big comedic payoff.



This week’s video demonstration shows how attention to detail can improve your overall performance…



From the very beginning of your show, pay attention to the significant things your volunteers say and do.

As your performance progresses, these will be humorous moments to reflect on later, if not build upon if they say or do something similar later on.

While you can feel free to laugh certain things off in the beginning, keeping tabs on things will help you build upon your skills as an improv comedian (considering you never know how different volunteers/crowds will react to the same routines you always do).

Throw structure and timing into the mix like professional comedians do with their jokes and you’re bound to have a blast with your audience.

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