How To Know Skypenosis Works

Hint: It’s all about their body language!



***Let’s Review***



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***Body Language***



As many now know, body language is over 75% of how we communicate. From crossed arms to facing your body in a certain direction, your body language tells volumes about what you are feeling and thinking.

With this in mind, just as I teach in HypnoKick’s Street & Stage Hypnosis Trainings, we are looking at our client’s body language when hypnotizing them over Skype.

Few things we’re looking for similar to Street/Stage Hypnosis:

  1. Relaxed shoulders
  2. Relaxed neck
  3. Drooped head

These are, of course, some of the bare basic signs. It’s still good for beginner hypnotists to know, however, that these signs translate into 1-on-1 Skype sessions.



***Live Example***



This week’s video demonstration is a perfect example of signs that indicate your Skypenosis is working.

In the beginning, you already see Jayus’s head drooped down. This was following the initial induction. One thing that should be mentioned is that Jayus was previously hypnotized months ago. While some would argue then, that this isn’t an accurate representation of someone’s first time hypnotized, let me fill you in:

  1. Jayus’s first time was during a stage hypnosis show
  2. While hypnotized, she later states our Skypensis felt more effective
  3. This is because Skypenosis is 1-on-1 versus a group hypnosis session
  4. Jayus’s body language throughout is telling that our Skypenosis worked perfect

Note that upon her waking after the initial induction (to react to the hypnotic laughter command), that she immediately loses her composure and ability to keep a straight face. Her body language leading up this moment means she was both deeply hypnotized as well as fully mentally engaged and open to commands.

Then note the following details near the end of the video demonstration where I command her to “sleep”:

  1. Her shoulders relax
  2. Her neck relaxes
  3. Her head immediately droops down
  4. There’s no hesitation re-entering her trance state
  5. She sways in her chair to her left

That last note, with her swaying, is a large tell that she’s under. This is because while her upper body’s relaxed, she could have easily kept her stance towards the camera. The fact that her lower body relaxed to the point of letting her lose her position means her entire body entered into trance.


This week’s video demonstration shows how I quickly “convert” a nonbeliever…





From Jayus’s body language during the initial induction, to her reaction to the first hypnotic command and her flawless transition into the first of many re-inductions, Jayus’s body language cues serve as a great example of how you can tell when Skypenosis works.

Feel free to remember these simple signs and look for them the next time you host a personal 1-on1 Skypenosis session. Remember, some may take more conditioning to get to Jayus’s state of hypnosis and that’s alright. Talk your clients through the process as needed, to cater to each of their individual needs and ensure a well-rounded experience for every Skypenosis session.

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