How To Mix Hypnosis with Phones

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***Let’s Review***

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One of my facts of life is that it’s always changing.

20 some years ago no one had pocket-sized computers they carried around to call/text people and surf the internet.

While many performers consider it rude for their audiences to use their phones while the entertainer does their thing, I saw potential.

I invite you, a presumably aspiring New-Age Hypnotist (if you’re following me), to open your eyes to the world around you. See what’s relevant and how you could incorporate it into your act.

Of course, I advise you to make sure it suits your already established stage persona. If you’re currently working on your persona, test things out. See what works, what you enjoy, what you’d like to accomplish and ditch anything that doesn’t meet such criteria.

This is the same process I took when developing my tour years ago, what I’ve recently done for my new tour & what I’ll continue to do. People (especially paying clients) love performers who are with the times and staying relevant.



***Be Impromptu***

While I’m not the biggest fan of school (primarily due to their out-dated sit-down-and-memorize-information-out-of-this-book form of education),  I give credit to my theater background.

I loved theater because we had to be physical, vocal and deal with the scene (or props) we had at hand. I enjoyed Improv Theater because:

  1. It made me realize I already had a knack for creative on-the-spot thinking
  2. It forced me to further explore my thoughts/imagination to develop verbal/physical solutions to immediate social problems

With this bit of training under my belt, combined with my desire to bring something new to the entertainment market, I began noticing a trend:

  1. Hypnosis shows mostly start off the same
  2. Hypnotists do what they want to do
  3. Certain entertainers/venues discourage technology

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of the above, the third point always made me wonder why entertainers (or venues) rarely applied the, “If you can’t beat them, join them” mentality.

Thus, I slowly started encouraging my audiences to use their phones. While some enjoyed being in the moment (which I can still admire), it provided the rest of attendees the freedom they naturally desired.

In turn, this made certain groups appreciate me more and sometimes even led to scenarios that (thanks to my theater background) I managed to turn into something unscripted but comical.

What this week’s video demonstration below to see how I took a sorority girl’s offer seriously & how it added to the comical quality of the hypnosis show (something I’ve rarely seen/heard other hypnotists do).


This week’s video demonstration demonstrates how I incorporate cellphones in hypnosis…



Embrace the direction culture is heading and you’ll be viewed as one of the trendy and “on-top-of-it” entertainers in your market.

You’d be surprised by the amount of publicity, let alone bookings, I’ve received off of simple clips showing me pull “hypno-stunts” like the video above demonstrates. This is because people like new, fresh and innovative things. Keep this in mind and you’ll be golden as society continues evolving!

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