How To Overcome Abreactions

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson helps your volunteers over abreactions.



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Generally speaking, an abreaction is a negative reaction.

Thus, anytime you hypnotize someone and they react negatively to it, immediately stop what you’re doing and focus all your energy/efforts into ensuring their mental/ emotional/ physical safety.

You may see your volunteer experiencing:

-Panic Attacks

-Anxiety Attacks

-Crying Fits


-Beginning to have a seizure

-Look upset/worried/confused/scared

-An urge to run away/hide

-Multiple personalities coming out

-A combination of these and/or other factors

At one point or another, I’ve either experienced a number of the above reactions myself mid-performance or have heard of others you have.



The easiest way to ensure your volunteer(s) safety, is to make an announcement before the start of your shows.

For the last university I performed for on my College Orientation Tour last week, I went back stage and in a loud/clear voice, made an announcement that informed students of the precautions that had to be taken to ensure their safety.

One of the big factors was psychological issues and if they were seeing a psychiatrist and/or taking medication.

Of course, being young college kids, some tried ignoring the warning and approached me post show for a private demonstration on stage.

While two women stepped off stage after realizing the severity of the consequences of their possible disregard, one young woman stayed on stage.

As you may be thinking, she had a reaction, began to cry and reported feeling off before making it known she didn’t feel she could even open her eyes.

Of course, I continuously reminded her she was in a safe environment and secure with me, the organizers and others around her. I eventually managed to help her control her breathing, relax and open her eyes while wiping her tears away.

Low and behold, she admitted to previously meeting with a psychologist at which point I reminded her why I made the pre-show announcements, to help her avoid such reactions.

I proceeded to inform her that if she wanted to be hypnotized in the future, to speak with her personal psychologist before attempting another experience.


This week’s video demonstration shows how to deal with abreactions…



PLEASE take the safety of your job as a hypnotist seriously. It seems at least one hypnotist a year is sued somewhere in the world for either disregarding safety or ethics of our practice. Don’t be that person ( I don’t want to see you on the news)!

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