How To Overcome BOMBED Hypnosis Routines

Yes, as a professional Hypnotist I can say I still have hiccups and this one was from just weeks ago for a $1000 client. Result: I think most forgot about the incident based on how successful the overall show was & here’s why…


***Let’s Review***


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***How To Overcome BOMBING***



Just move on – it’s honestly that simple!

I’m aware a number of you would likely stutter/stumble/pause if something bombed right in front of you but remember something, Hypnosis is like a magic trick in the sense that people aren’t sure what to expect.

There’s a few ways you can use this to your advantage in regards to a volunteer not reacting to phenomena:

  1. Say something along the lines of, “Great, now I want you to *insert command here*” and see if the volunteer responds better to said routine.
  2. Immediately move from that volunteer onto the next one, restating the command and seeing how that next volunteer reacts to it.

I remember posting a video of my New Years Party Hypnosis show and when one of the girls completely rejected the command, one of my viewers was amazed to see I didn’t flinch, pause, seem put off or anything…I simply moved on.


Now, in terms of what to do before you even get to comedy stage hypnosis routines, how do I suggest you overcome a situation in which your induction spontaneously stops working? You’re confused, your audience (and likely your barely hypnotized volunteers) are confused and both you and the audience have a moment of wondering, “What happens now?”

You could simply take a moment to adjust your music device/system to help ensure better quality throughout the show (I’ve done that maybe twice during my 2017 High School Prom/Graduation tour). If, however, you tried that (as I did recently) and your show is still temporarily on hold because you have hit an unplanned technical error, you might wonder, “what then?”

I think the best way for me to answer is to show you my personal clip in this week’s video demonstration…






As I often tell those I mentor, be more concerned with what works than what doesn’t. At the end of the day, your audience, let alone your volunteers, will be in shock at what routines were successfully carried out by the creative minds that are your hypnotized volunteers. That’s why, in the big scheme of things, you should focus on the same thing you focus on when things are going great – moving onto the next joke/routine that will carry your audience/volunteers on the journey that is your hypnosis show.

Yes, you will hit snags, technical difficulties and more on your journey as a Hypnotist, however, it’s ultimately up to you to acknowledge the hiccup you’ve encountered, take note of it for later review and move on without hesitation. That, my friend, is what will help you come off as a pro that can’t be fazed!


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