How To Personalize Stage Hypnosis

Your 3rd basic lesson in “New-Age” Stage Hypnosis Training is learning how to personalize each show.



***Let’s Review***



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***Reading The Room***




Considering there are often people in each attending audience that want to participate but may choose not to, keeping an eye on your audience is key.

This person may not volunteer because they:

  1. Don’t believe they can be hypnotized
  2. Are too self conscious to be in front of a crowd
  3. Are scared of what might happen to them
  4. Just want to watch not considering they may still be affected

Regardless of their reason, I almost always have someone in the audience who ends up passing out.

If this happens, it makes the overall experience better for everyone in the room because said person was next to their family, friend, significant other, etc. It’s always more memorable when the person next to you gets hypnotized when they weren’t even volunteering themselves. Furthermore, these people are more often than not somnambulists, so they more attention and care you provide them, the more likely they will become one of the stars.



***Personalizing It***



Because they are hypnotized in the audience, it’s not like they can just get up and come to you. Thus, the personal aspect comes when YOU (the hypnotist) personally make your way over to them. At the point you can:

  1. Personally interact with the group around the hypnotized person
  2. Use info on the hypnotized person from the audience for the show
  3. Use your own ideas combined with those from the audience
  4. Make the person want to volunteer but feel stuck to their chair
  5. Make the person wake up and forget anything ever happened

Since this concept literally brings the show into the audience, it becomes much more personal and thus memorable for all attendees. The possibilities are just as endless as they are with typical Stage Hypnosis because most principles are still in play:

  1. Person is safely in a chair
  2. Person is willingly hypnotized
  3. Person will likely respond to hypnotic commands due to 1 & 2

Because there’s so little difference between the hypnotized person in the chair within the audience versus on stage, you’ve now successfully personalized your Stage Hypnosis Show to your corresponding audience.


This week’s video demonstration shows 2 very basic things you can do to bring the show to the audience…






I received an email this past week stating my style was interesting since it goes off the cuff of what so many old-fashion performers do. Anyone (especially my students) who knows me as a performer knows I love revamping my style. Needless to say, my recent CLICHE tour has been my best and earned me the label (from university students and organizers) “Best Hypnotist”!

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