How To Start Performing Professional Hypnosis

No joke – I used to sneak into bars as a teenager & began my career that way, here’s how…

***Let’s Review***

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***How I Started***

My opening to this information-packed blog wasn’t click bait, I literally walked into bars as a teenager.

PRO TIP #1) Be-friend a band: Seriously, I used to get into bars without being questioned, carded or otherwise simply by confidently walking into a bar with my friend’s band. Since the bar already knew what they were there for, I basically just blended in as “one of them”. If you don’t have any friends in a band that is actually getting paid gigs, research local bars/restaurants in your area offering live entertainment and try to connect/make a deal with said bands being hired to entertain. I would usually just get a small percentage of my band’s tips, door charge or whatever the bar agreed to pay them. May have only been $10-$30 or so per weekend but hey, decent start!


PRO TIP #2) Cold Approach: If you’re older, depending what venue/area you’re in, this may be easier though some places will let teens in as long as they stay away from the alcohol area. Point being, walk into a local venue that you know offers live entertainment & ask them what type of entertainment they provide their guests. More often than not, they offer at least one of the following four things:

1- Pool/Darts

2- Karaoke

3- Live Bands

4- Special Dance nights (ex: Black light DJ parties)

Proceed to ask them if they would be interested in boosting sales for a night with specialized entertainment & then simply state, “I’m a Hypnotist & I want to offer your venue something unique that no one else offers their guests!”

More often than not this intrigues a venue manager. Whether they’re skeptical or love the idea, you can easily (assuming you’ve learned from my videos or home-based trainings) provide them a live demonstration on-the-spot. Sometimes they will simply ask you to hold off on the demonstration until the date/time you’ve both agreed on as a way for you to “audition” and prove your skills with a live audience. Regardless, you can easily charge $200-$300 for a 30-60 minute hypnosis show, especially if you’re just starting out/they’re unsure how well the turn out will be.


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This week’s video lesson explains how I got additional money from bar gigs + promo material…

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Whether you’re a teenager or someone in their 20’s, there’s always a way for you to “make it”. We all started somewhere and this blog proves how I’ve managed since my teenage years. Of course I make much more now and love training anyone serious about hypnosis how to do the same. If you are serious about learning hypnosis, view what my LIVE Seminar has to offer you by *CLICKING HERE*

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