HypnoKick LIVE 2018

Florida, May 4-6 2018 (Exact Location TBA)


    HOST: Hypnotist Jon Wayes

    Jon Wayes is a Vegas-trained, Certified Advanced Hypnotist that's performed and taught Hypnosis from California-New York. He's performed for nearly every venue you can think of, Hypnotized Chicago WCIU's producer Rodney Spencer during America's Got Talent Auditions & won "Best Live Performance" by Indiana's Circus of Art in 2013.

    Jon makes his living entertaining, helping people via hypnotherapy and started teaching in 2017. 200+ students world-wide now understand hypnosis with the help of HypnoKick. In 3 days, Jon will help you cut your learning curve, generate more clients, gain new residual clientele & much more!

    • Promoting my first official public Hypnosis show

    • Hypnotizing WCIU's Rodney Spencer during America's Got Talent auditions

    • Consulted America's Got Talent's Hypnotist Chris Jones

    What You'll Learn At This Seminar...

    • DAY 1 (Intro To Basics & Street Hypnosis)

    TERMS: I'll cover the need-to-know terminology to ensure all students are on the same page and understand what's what.

    SAFETY: I'll go over the basic safety precautions I learned when starting hypnosis that will help students avoid negative reactions/possible lawsuits from volunteers/clients.

    POSITIONING: It's important knowing how to properly position your volunteer, let alone yourself, to ensure the best experience for said volunteer. Basic on Safety, I'll explain the benefits of different positions based on your volunteers and/or performance area.

    4 STEPS: We will discuss the 4 step process required to effectively hypnotize whether on the street, on the stage or for hypnotherapy. I'll also cover the 5th element which can be used for comedy hypnosis and is most known for ending hypnotherapy sessions with.

    INDUCTIONS: I will personally explain and demonstrate the handling behind the first official hypnotic induction I learned in Vegas and the various others I've acquired throughout the years. I'll combine this with why the time length for inductions varies between Street, Stage and Hypnotherapy.

    DEEPENERS: I'll cover my reasoning behind short-scripted deepeners during Street & Stage Hypnosis versus my long-scripted deepeners during Hypnotherapy and why it makes a difference.

    SCRIPTS: This is the meat and bones of what many aspiring hypnotists currently struggle with. What do you say? How do you phrase it? What if you stutter/hesitate? How do you successfully get people to achieve relaxation, let alone Hypnotic Phenomena? All this and more will be answered. What's more, you'll be given sample scripts for future use & memory jogging.

    TRANCE TERMINATION: You will see how and hear why I perform trance terminations the way I do. By the end, you'll have a good grip on how to relax your volunteer and leave feeling better than when they started, if not also having experienced a memorable demonstration.

    1-on-1 PRACTICE: One of the biggest perks to a LIVE Seminar compared to our (or any home-based) hypnosis training, is the ability to connect with like-minded students interested in practicing with and improving alongside you. This will give you a great first-hand feel for how to properly utilize everything you'll learn.

    SUCCESS CONDITIONING: If you weren't already aware, the one thing just about every successful person has in common: Positive Mindset. So many aspiring hypnotists subconsciously put themselves down before ever taking any real action. This, in turn, inhibits their motivation, bogs down their positive mindset and ultimately kills their ambition to execute. I'll personally hypnotize all students to help them subconsciously develop, hold onto and build a positive mindset destined for success!

    REAL-WORLD PRACTICE: This was, by far, my favorite part off learning hypnosis when I was 19. Leaving the seminar room and hitting the streets with real people, who haven't a clue who I was and still managing to successfully hypnotize them. I made people stress-free, smile, laugh, forget things and more and so will you. Best part, I will be there to watch and, when appropriate, critique your demonstrations. This will help you quickly cut your learning curve, enabling you the more efficiently hypnotize one volunteer after the other!

    LIVE DEMONSTRATION: What good's a mentor who doesn't walk their talk? I love performing, so I'll happily be practicing my preaching on the streets with you. You'll see how I utilize my own training to quickly and effectively hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime (be it for relaxation or hypnotic phenomena). This will provide you a wealth of learning experiences from routine-inspired ideas, to performance goals for yourself and more.

    FREE DINNER: As a college drop, I can still attest to the college mentality that free stuff is usually always a huge perk. Seeing as you're investing your hard-earned money into me, I figured I'd Thank You for trusting in my knowledge, experience and taking advantage of my time by providing you a free dinner on your first night of training 🙂


    • DAY 2 (Day 1 Review + New Age Stage Hypnosis)

    REVIEW: I'll quickly review Day 1's training to ensure everyone's on the same page while giving props to students.

    CRITIQUE: I'll be sure to provide professional critiques for students where I see fit to help you and other students understand what to focus on/improve.

    STAGE SAFETY (PERFORMER'S): I'll cover the basic safety steps you should be taking for yourself as a Stage Hypnotist to help you avoid legal issues.

    STAGE SAFETY (VOLUNTEERS): I'll follow up the last lesson with explaining the similarities and differences between Street and Stage Hypnosis when it comes to your volunteers.

    WARM APPROACH PSYCHOLOGY: I'll glaze over the psychological differences between the approaches to Street and Stage Hypnosis. This is an important detail to learn as to understand why your volunteers will react differently depending on the situation. You'll also learn how cold approach Street Hypnosis easily leads to warm approach Street Hypnosis.

    NEW-AGE APPROACH: You'll have the opportunity to learn my New-Age approach to comedy stage hypnosis and why I believe, based on experience and my clients' reactions, its more interesting/effective/less of a time waster than traditional methods many teach.

    STANDING OUT: Just like in my Stage Hypnosis Training, I'l explain my 3 step process to ensuring you stand out against other hypnotists on the market. This aspect alone has gotten me booked over hypnotists who have performed for longer than myself.

    MY SHTICK: Based on the above principle, I will elaborate the one thing I purposely did not include in my Stage Hypnosis Training. This specific idea-turned-routine was my #1 most asked about demonstration after several of my performances in 2017. It's proof how "Standing Out" can greatly benefit you in the market against "veteran" hypnotists.

    GIVING UP CONTROL: Every time I've utilized this technique, I've literally gained 100's of followers each month. Of course, some leave over time but I'm always left with some die-hard appreciative fans because of incorporating this one thing (which most hypnotists selfishly ignore). While I cover a very basic version of this in my home-based Stage Hypnosis Training, this is the FULL scale version which will make your job easier, quicker & make audiences like you more than many Hypnotists.

    STREET SIMILARITIES: You'll begin understanding the similarities of/implement the basic concepts of Street Hypnosis into Stage Hypnosis.

    SUCCESS CONDITIONING: Positive habits are formed by repetition, therefore I'll hypnotize students again at the end of Day 2. I'll help affirm your knowledge/actions, build your previously established confidence and provide you the natural motivation that will help you overcome fear, hesitation and doubt. You'll be ready, once more, to hit the streets!

    HITTING THE STREETS: Day 2 of hitting the streets for some more Street Hypnosis. Of course, I'll be there again to help guide/critique when appropriate. Day 2 is often when students begin to become comfortable in their own performance skin and truly flourish.


    • DAY 3 (Review + Hypnotherapy Basics)

    REVIEW: I'll quickly review training material from Day 1 & 2 to ensure everyone's on the same page and answer any questions students may need answered.

    HYPNOTHERAPY: You will receive a general introduction to hypnotherapy and my history with it.

    EXPERIENCE: I explain the sessions I've conducted with clients over the years and what I have learned from said sessions, in addition to what my specialty is as a Hypnotherapist and why.

    EXPECTATIONS: You'll learn about what you should be prepared to answer for others when they learn you're a Hypnotist.

    FIND YOUR NICHE: I elaborate why finding your niche is, at least based on my personal experience, easier on you as the Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist versus being the "Jack of all trades".

    SIMILARITIES: I cover the basic similarities Hypnotherapy has to Street And Stage Hypnosis and why it's beneficial to understand these similarities.

    LIVE DEMONSTRATION: I will hypnotize someone so students can see/hear/understand how I host a hypnotherapy session and why. I explain how many sessions you can expect to perform on clients and why.

    SUCCESS CONDITIONING: Lastly, as per the first two days, you will be conditioned for success as your training comes to a close. Your knowledge will be gently ingrained into your mind, you will have the tools to continue overcoming future fear/doubt/hesitation and lead yourself to success!


    • CLIENT GENERATOR (How to generate clients worth $400-$2000)
    • HypnoKick: Basic Hypnosis Training Manual (FREE ($9 value))
    • HypnoKick: Street Hypnosis Trianing (FREE ($49 value))
    • HypnoKick: Camnosis Training (FREE ($99 value))
    • HypnoKick: Stage Hypnosis Training (FREE ($199 value))
    • Custom made HypnoKick "HYPNOTIST" Tshirt
    • Video Interview with America's Got Talent's Hypnotist Chris Jones
    • And More!



    Think of this as a college course, except instead of investing anywhere between $5000-$20,000 per semester, you're investing a fraction of what colleges demand and receive live, hands-on training with a professional who travels coast-to-coast doing this for a living (not theory out of an over-priced text book).

    This opportunity teaches you how to immediately utilize the information taught, to make your investment back plus much, much more in the long-run. While a college degree doesn't guarantee you a position at your dream job, this seminar teaches you how to start generating potential $400-$2000 clients within 30 days of the seminar.

    That said, in the same way you may drop a college class due to dis-interest, you'll only succeed with this seminar if you're naturally self-motivated to run full force with the information I have prepared for you!


    Just like with a college course, you'll get golden nuggets (if not gold bricks) out of this seminar, depending on your current knowledge & level of experience.

    I've taught completely new students simplistic information such as the differences between Hypnosis and Hypnotic Phenomena, all the way to semi-experienced hypnotists who learned a new induction or psychological approach from me during these seminars.

    It's surprising that with all the various free information there is on the internet about hypnosis, how many still don't fully understand the small details that are keeping them from achieving performance and/or financial success with it. That, my friend, is what I'm here to cover. With a live Q&A each day, you will leave my seminar with the confidence and knowledge you've been looking for.


    Once you've learned the power of hypnosis and the immense positive psychological impact it has/can have on your life as well as those around you, you'll be set to go.

    Seriously, many people remain unaware that success starts with the proper mindset. Hypnosis has been shown to help people over phobias, overcome their addictions, lose/gain weight and more, so it only makes sense that it has the potential to place you on the right path towards success.

    Regardless whether or not you wish to become a professional hypnotist, understanding the benefits of hypnosis on one's psychology is a life-long tool you can use to improve various aspects of your own life, if not the lives of those around you.



    Contact: Support@HypnoKick.com