Hypnosis Training Seminar


Imagine working 1-on-1 with me (and my colleague) so we can personally help you overcome ANY hurdle preventing you from successfully hypnotizing people (or yourself) the way you wish you could!


*******************Course VS Seminar*****************


Typical Home Study Course:

-Basic information

-Steps needed to achieve said goal

-Possible extra tips to help attain greater success/ROI


LIVE Hypnosis Seminar:

-Fully in-depth information regarding what hypnosis is/isn’t/its benefits

-Hands-on training to help you fully understand the process

-Ability to get ALL your personal questions answered

-I can help customize things to your comfort level

-Get your Hypno-Mojo flowing by practicing with other students

-Personal hypnosis session pre-street performance to condition your mind for success

-Receive real-world experience by hypnotizing the pedestrians of Chicago

-I & other students/coaches help critique you so you can improve your techniques

-Teach you how to branch out and become “your own hypnotist” through time

-Home Study Courses become complimentary as a way for you to refresh your memory 

-I personally teach you how to earn your entire investment back utilizing the training



****************Importance of Mentors***************



Events like HypnoKick LIVE provide you an advantage over the free loaders of information that refuse to invest in their education.


Because while you can read theories, concepts or steps from a book or watch a video, a mentor has years of knowledge, experience, failures and successes to provide you. In turn, you’ll kick-start your hypnosis journey on a better foot being able to avoid similar issues.

My first student, Drew, told me for weeks he believed he lacked the confidence and skill to properly become a good hypnotist. After finally managing to help him overcome his own BS (because honestly that’s usually all that holds us back), he followed the steps I gave him and managed to become my best student to-date (now booking shows with $100’s if not $1000’s).

At HypnoKick LIVE 2016, Zach wasn’t sure he’d be able to hypnotize in-person despite the training I provided him. Like Drew, I nudged him and later that first night, he successfully hypnotized several strangers in Chicago that all woke with a smile on their faces.


******************Who This Is For*******************


If you’re serious about learning hypnosis: This is for you.

If you want to learn about the power of the human mind: This is for you.

If you want to learn how this can be used: This is for you.

If you want to became the life of the party: This is for you.

If you want a rare life-long skill very few have: This is for you.

If you want to make good money while having fun: This is for you.

No, this won’t make you rich overnight but it sure as hell beats the 9-5 grind when you finally get into it for the long haul! Even if it’s just a hobby (like it was for Zach), you’ll likely become one of the most interesting/controversial people within your family and/or friend group 🙂


***************HypnoKick Guarantee***************


I understand this might still be an iffy idea (or steep spending) for a number of people. Please note I price my seminars at a high price for a reason: I only wish to work with serious students.

Psychologically I found those willing to pay me their hard-earned money appreciate the in-depth 1-on-1 training and are much more likely to actually use it. Note that my Vegas training (when I was only 19) was $400 just for my seat alone!

While I happily provide a 90 Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee post the seminar, I’ve yet to have any serious students request a refund because:

1- It works

2- They Love It

3- If They Utilize Their Training, They Earn Their Investment Back By Performing!




To get a glimpse of what you’ll be able to do, watch this week’s video AD by Clicking Here.

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Remember to leave a comment below to let me know if you found this helpful or what you’d like me to teach in the future.


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