Managing Drunk Hypnosis Parties

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In the same way that comedians and magicians have hecklers, hypnotists have skeptics.

Because there’s still a veil of mystery about hypnosis for most due to misinformation, many are still skeptical and/or hesitant to get hypnotized.

As my students (and many hypnotists in general) already know, you’re bound to encounter people that call hypnosis BS, fake, stupid or what have you due to their own misunderstanding (which can test your patience).

Your patience is tested even further when these same types of people drink enough to the point where they have little (if any) verbal filter between their thoughts and mouths.

Often times, company or corporate professionals who see my show after having drank during their meal beforehand, have little issue being verbal as the show begins and progresses.

Even if there are a number of people who may take interest, they often times have drank too much to concentrate. The result is their inability to accomplish simple tasks such as when you tell them: Close your eyes…Breath in…Breath out…Relax…etc.

Literally each of these words or 2-3 word phrases can prove difficult to someone under the influence (especially when they already go in unsure/skeptic/etc), which can instantly cause them to break their own concentration (thus breaking trance) and leave you having to start over again or excusing them back to their dinner table.

After executing decent patience and playing along with the guests’ drunken desire to speak out, I’ve always been able to get at least one person to react to something during a show.




K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) is an acronym I’ve learned from my marketing mentors.

Like a good magic trick, the most simple things can often have the biggest impact.

While it seems just about any old hypnotic command would be simple (given that comedy hypnosis is all just talking), I like to use a specific command for a specific purpose.

As all my HypnoKick Stage Hypnosis Training and HypnoKick LIVE students know, I start with laughter.

Realistically, there’s no real reason someone should laugh if you simply demand it. Yet, I’ve found through testing that those who spontaneously laugh, are often the best volunteers.

If someone laughs for no reason, that means they’re more in tune with me and my process while more mentally engaged within their own mind than those around them.

Furthermore, laughter releases feel-good chemicals in a person’s body. This often makes said person more open to further commands, even if only for a short period of time.

Remember, different people will respond to different commands differently. Thus, it only makes sense (especially when drunk) that after the initial command you use to open them up, you test others to gauge their effectiveness and what works best for that person.


This week’s video demonstration shows how I get a drunk woman to slowly loosen up…



This lesson is, for those wondering, for anyone who encounters a company/corporate party where you must perform for businessmen and women who may be skeptical, scared, etc, on top of now being drunk (and thus harder to gain the focus of).

At the end of the day, as stated in an earlier Stage Hypnosis lesson, it’s more about the experience you provide your hypnotized volunteers, than the amount of volunteers hypnotized.

One alternative that could be suggested is that alcohol not be served until after the show or simply those wishing to experience hypnosis refrain from drinking until after the performance. As always, communication is key in business just as much as relationships.

Of course, this is just my personal approach and not the end-all. Most hypnotists don’t run their show the way I do and still find success in their own approaches. I, naturally, invite you to find the type of performer you are and what approach works best for you as a Hypnotist.

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