Natural Defense To Hypnosis

It’s true, many people you will meet (and that I’ve even met in the past 6 years) have a defense mechanism to being hypnotize. Let me explain the most common one and how to overcome it in this weeks lesson


***Let’s Review***


If you, are anyone you may know, has ever considered Hypnosis “evil” or “demonic”, I created an extra special lesson with the help of a nun to prove that misconception wrong. You can learn why by  *CLICKING HERE*


***Creation of D.M.***



There’s a famous saying that goes along the lines of “people fear what they don’t know” and (surprisingly, despite the amount of information I myself put out for free, the training programs I offer and the seminars I and various other hypnotists host, it seems that most people still misunderstand what hypnosis is.


Because we’re more used to coming in contact with someone who works in customer service than a Hypnotist, people tend to get on edge when they hear the word “Hypnosis” or “Hypnotist”. The first reaction is often disbelief, then the second reaction from men is often being skeptical or egotistical as they voice their “inability” to be hypnotized while women often get freaked out and either look away or put their hand between their eyes and mine saying, “Don’t look me in the eyes”.


These reaction are all as silly as they are the norm for hypnotists (with the rare male/female being fascinated and wanting a live demonstration). This is because people see movies like Get Out and assume (without much of any of their own personal in-depth research) hypnosis really is some type of way to control another. Needless to say, a combination of all the above factors create a Defense Mechanism within the person who nervously agrees to take part in a demo without understanding what to expect.


***Apparent D.M.***


Because most, at least that I’ve met, aren’t fully aware of what to expect when hypnotized, it will cause their defense mechanism to kick in. The most popular one I’ve encountered is laughter.


While most people’s D.M., like my friend’s brother’s at one point, will kick in (causing them to laugh themselves out of hypnosis), others may become more tense as the induction starts. Like I said earlier, guys may become egotistical expressing how they can’t be hypnotized or are “too mentally strong” (which is just as false as it is dumb (especially considering Einstein often utilized Self-Hypnosis)), while women may scream, walk/run away or simply cover up their faces.


I have a few recordings of recent performances in which all participants laughed themselves out of either a trance or induction. This way you’ll be able to better understand those in the future you encounter who react like this.


Watch this week’s video demonstration to see what the laughter D.M. looks like…






This isn’t terribly difficult to overcome, usually I will just ask, “How did you feel?” “What was going on in your mind?” as this gives you a peek into their perspective and likely why they brought themselves out of it. From there, it’s just a matter of explaining whatever they may misunderstand about the process more thoroughly, then customizing their re-induction with supportive words/phrases that let them know they’re doing well and to continue to go with the flow.

So gents, hypnosis actually works best on the *intelligent* and no ladies, my randomly walking up to you and simply gazing into your eyes will not put you under. Fair warning however ladies, my eyes are multicolor and often complimented so at the very least, my gaze may intrigue you 😉


As always, *CLICK HERE* for hypnosis training materials & comment below what you liked/wondered about this week’s lesson or suggestions for future lessons 🙂

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