Overcoming Camnosis Failure

Hint: Persistence!

***Let’s Review***

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***Reasons  For Failure***

I’ve encountered it just as my students have, your reciting your script in the midst of inducing someone and they don’t seem to go under. There are a few possibilities as to why:

  1. They’re not fully mentally tuned-in to what’s happening in the moment
  2. They’re anxious
  3. They’re self conscious
  4. They’re over analyzing the process
  5. They’re not in the mindset to react to an instant induction (my case this week)

These are just a few and with practice, experience and questioning, you’ll naturally begin to learn to understand why certain people may not fall under as quickly as others.

***Persistence Pays***

If you ever encounter a situation, like I did in this week’s video demonstration, where the person doesn’t go under immediately, relax and continue.

Keep in mind you only “fail” when you choose to give up. Therefore, if you read the situation properly and persist until you successfully hypnotize the person, your overall encounter is still a success.

If they seem mentally elsewhere, I’ll ask them to focus on my eyes and provide me a glimpse into their current thoughts. If their thoughts are scattered, I’ll do my best to talk with them and keep them in-the-moment with me as we gaze at each other (with soft eyes as to avoid appearing intimidating).

If the person is anxious, I’ll often take a moment to talk with them with their eyes open an remind them that it’s just relaxation. I assure them they’re in a safe place, with people who care about them and the only thing that will happen is that they will feel better after the demo. I’ll proceed to guide them back through the process slowly.

If they’re the analytical type, I’ll usually have them focus on something in their mind in great detail for several moments or minutes. Slowly helping them configure something in their mind by analyzing its intricate details will often be enough to get them to conscious focus on that while subconsciously relaxing without realizing it.

As for my situation this week, I made the mistake thinking that without putting her deeply under or use to instant inductions, she would immediately comply if I attempted one. As you’ll see it failed. However, I read the situation and looked for an opportunity in which I felt she would be easily hypnotized again.

This week’s video demonstration shows how I hypnotize a girl over Skype after my initial attempt fails…


If you encounter someone like I did in this week’s video demonstration, simply remain calm and evaluate the situation. More often than not, based on my experience, there’s usually a window of opportunity to successfully hypnotize the person moments after the initial failure!

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