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This week’s free hypnosis training lesson shows both sides of the Hypnosis Seminar coin.



***Let’s Review***

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Financial gain is by far one of the biggest factors here for any Hypnosis mentor.

When I was trained in Vegas back in 2011 I paid $400. There were about 55 people in that seminar room. Math was never my strong point but even I know at that price point, the mentors generated about $20,000.

Sounds like a nice payday, no?

Of course, even if you’re only charging a few 100 per individual for a 3 day training, you better have your material together ready to deliver in the most effective way possible for your students.

While based on my own training, I can state that the U.K. Head Hackers, Jay Noblezada & Joe Brogie had their teachings down, others aren’t up-to-par.

Take HypnoKick’s home-based trainings for example. HypnoKick has been compared to others’ trainings. I, for example, give Anthony Jacquin credit for loading his Trilby Connection with detailed & applicable material.

I’ve heard, however, there are other home-based trainings on the internet you may have to pay up to $50 for, just to learn the basics (such as the 4 steps that make up hypnosis).

This is why I:

  1. Have made sure HypnoKick’s cheapest training ($9 training manual) covers all the need-to-know basics/safety precautions for any serious aspiring hypnotists.
  2. Include how to make your investment in ANY of my trainings by providing money-making tips in each that are both easy for students at that level and have potential to earn them well more than they initially invested (other home-based trainings seem to fall short on this one).
  3. Make sure that you receive more than enough information in each training so you have little excuse not to take ACTION & succeed with said training. Furthermore, I normally make sure my more expensive/advanced trainings provide multiple ways to learn (visual, auditory, etc.). This enables practically anyone to learn at their own rate & in their own way.

I’ve been approached by multiple people from around the world in the past year looking for something more though. This is great, as it tells me I’m teaching properly, gaining people’s trust/respect and making a positive impact.

Some of those people requested/suggested a seminar. Having already successfully held a seminar in Chicago back in 2016 during the world series, I was open to the idea.

However, every few months I’ve noticed that people around the world have started hosting more and more hypnosis seminars themselves. Hypnosis trainings seminars have become more of a financial/glamorous fad in the past 7 years.

Looking to avoid being part of the trend of solo entertainers/therapists self-promoting/hosting their own “New” Hypnosis seminar, I reached out to a major company.

Long story short, I’ve decided to pull the plug on HypnoKick LIVE 2018 in order to focus on improving it even further. I’ll be looking to work alongside this company to bring you (and future HypnoKick students), something that most in the market aren’t providing.

PERK: I’m thankful that out of the 100’s of students who register for our free informational ebook and the few who invest in themselves with our home-based trainings, there are some who aspire for greatness. For these individuals, I’ll be providing HypnoKick LIVE as a personalized seminar. In other words, they pay the price, we schedule a date and I’ll drive/fly to them for a few days and personally help skyrocket their hypnosis knowledge and skills!

REASON: While seminars are great, I’ve had people request trainings at random points throughout the year. I’ve noticed most mentors force people to wait for a specific date/time in hopes to round up a big group and makes lots of money. I say, why not serve the people when THEY want to be served? After all, if they’re investing their hard earned money for several days with you, make their investment convenient!



***Students’ Gain***

As stated above, HypnoKick LIVE will still be kicking but it will be even more focused on you: The Student.

This is better  in my mind because many times students simply want some quality 1-on-1 with their mentor. After all, unlike any home-based trainings, a mentor can:

  1. Can answer any/all questions you may have in person (as where DVDs are already recorded & books are already written, so neither can answer your additional questions).
  2. Personally walk you through the verbal and physical aspects of performing to ensure you are on point before your first official demonstration.
  3. Naturally build your confidence during training, which helps build your ego and reflects in your patter and body language. In the end, this is one of the biggest factors behind every performer’s success.
  4. Help you find your personal “shtick”, just as my New-Age Hypnosis approach helped me gain my publicity on the High School and College markets.
  5. Show you how to take your new-found knowledge/skills and make serious money with them. Consistently earning $100’s or $1000’s per hour doing something fun/helpful is more fulfilling than making minimum wage for a company that’s making their CEO the rich one.
  6. Aid you in overcoming your mental blocks due to fear of failure, being talked down to by family/friends and more.
  7. Exhibit how the information you’ll receive from a live 1-on-1 training can easily be translated into a life-long skill to benefit yourself and/or others.
  8. Provide more real-world experience and knowledge than an over-priced semester college class.

While the list goes on, I’m sure you understand the point, mentors are the way to go, period!

The issue is, most people will happily apply for $1000’s in loans to attend some college classes yet hesitate to invest $1000+ in a mentor.

It’s hardly a coincidence that those of my students who have actually taken persistent action, have reaped better results experience-wise and financially than those who do nothing with their education.

It’s for this reason I’m going to leave HypnoKick LIVE up, so those truly serious about bettering themselves have the opportunity to do so when convenient for them.

I’m always here for my students and have always made time for those who pay for my knowledge & experience because then I know they’re serious, dedicated & will actually flourish with what I offer them.

I know certain mentors have had to refund their students because the students either didn’t feel they received adequate information or failed to gain the necessary confidence to execute said information.

I believe this is one of the reasons people view these seminars as scams sometimes. You’re part of a group of people paying lots of my to get hyped over this thing that made your teacher a lot of money. Statistically, most won’t do anything with the information and may eventually feel it was a waste of money.

This is why I’ll be offering a special guarantee to ALL students of HypnoKick LIVE & HypnoKick’s Mentorship program as I know (based on experience), I’ll successfully get them from Point A to their desired Point B. I’ve only seen 1 (maybe 2) others offer a similar guarantee & think it says a lot about the value I have to offer and the confidence I have that it will help you achieve your desired results.

Considering the past success I’ve had with HypnoKick LIVE and the positive testimonials I’ve always received, I’m confident my approach will ensure each student’s long-term success & never leave them wanting a refund!



This week’s video provides a brief overview of my intentions…



Until I’ve worked things out on my end to ensure a HypnoKick LIVE group seminar is the best of its kind, I’ll still be around to serve my most serious students.

Thus, if you’re a serious student willing to invest in learning a life-long skill and personally work 1-on-1 with me to ensure my knowledge fits your needs, simply choose HypnoKick LIVE or Mentorship under the “Training” tab & we’ll get things started after the enrollment fee is paid.

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Otherwise, whether you’re on a budget or simply looking to dabble in the craft, HypnoKick has an array of hypnosis trainings from basic scripts, to Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis Training. Simply CLICK HERE.

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