Real Vs Fake Hypnosis

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to tell who’s truly hypnotized.



***Let’s Review***

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***The Approach***

Years ago I heard a friend say that their friends were told by a hypnotist visiting their college to fake everything that he was going to “hypnotize” them to do.

This was both troubling and irritating to me as I had spent $100’s to learn how to genuinely hypnotize people for Street and Stage Hypnosis.

While I have difficulty remembering the exact request, I was told at some point in the beginning of the hypnosis show, the hypnotist would quietly ask the volunteers to “play along” with his commands.

Needless to say, everyone who had apparently participated (I say “apparently” as I wasn’t personally there) stayed up on stage throughout the show.

While this would be impressive to the lay person, I would’ve been a bit suspicious considering just about every hypnotist I know has had to escort certain volunteers off stage after the induction.

This is because not everyone reacts to hypnotic inductions in a similar manner and while certain volunteers will become deeply hypnotized, it’s normal for others to feel nothing.

This is a major reason I’ve personally started hypnotizing entire audiences in combination with other tactics, to ensure those who end up on my stage stay on stage.

Needless to say, whenever I hear that there are hypnotists charging $100’s if not $1000’s and ripping clients off by requesting volunteers to fake it, I lose respect for them.



***Hypnotic Combos***


As mentioned above, I use multiple tactics to ensure my volunteers are truly hypnotized. This helps ensure…

  1. I can see all willing volunteers simultaneously and who’s reacting the most
  2. Those having the best reactions receive the most attention to elevate their experience
  3. Anyone who may be faking it is politely asked to remain a spectator throughout the show

While I explain the psychological approach to my entire induction process in HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training, I’ll re-iterate a lesson from 2017 where I covered why I don’t choose volunteers.

In summary, for every show I’ve hosted, I’ve encountered people who are nervous/afraid of being hypnotized, skeptics and those on the fence.

One of the first techniques I started implementing years ago was spontaneous laughter.

After hypnotizing the audience, I would imply they’ll start laughing at my voice/words for no reason.

Logically speaking, there’s no real reason for them to laugh. Therefore, if people start laughing simply because I’m telling them they will, it’s one of the first signs I have good volunteers to choose from.

Usually the ones laughing the loudest, will become my best volunteers as they are (as implied in last week’s lesson) somnambulists.

For a visual representation of everything I’ve just mentioned, watch the video below to better understand the difference between those truly hypnotized versus others.


This week’s video demonstration shows visual signs you’ve hypnotized a somnambulist…



As far as hypnotists go, if you ever see one quietly speaking to each volunteer for a moment as the show begins, feel free to ask that volunteer what the hypnotist said. This may be a sign of fake hypnosis.

In terms of separating your genuinely hypnotized volunteers from your fakes, I’ve become a fan of suggestibility stacking. Utilize the right tests in the right order and you’ll be able to spot the fakers close to 100% of the time.

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