Stage Hypnosis Inductions

Your 4th basic lesson in “New-Age” Stage Hypnosis Training is understanding that Stage Inductions can also become a memorable part of the show.



***Let’s Review***



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***Reading The Room***




Time to break the mold of typical Stage Hypnosis and start “spicing up” your demonstrating Stage Inductions. We’ve seen the typical ones…

  1. Saying “SLEEP!”
  2. Tapping people’s forehead
  3. Shaking someone’s shoulder
  4. Sleep gun
  5. Etc…

There’s no real issue with any of these, unless the Hypnotist performing only ever uses one of them for most, if not all, of their show.

Like my mentor Anthony Jacquin once said, “Inductions are the sexiest part of Hypnosis!” So let’s have some fun by turning them into their own mini routines between each of our main comedy skits.

The idea is to use different inductions throughout the show. Each time you go for an induction, utilize a different one and make sure to place emphasis on each one to gain your audiences attention and amazement (people love witnessing various unique inductions).



***Sample Inductions***



The following are some sample inductions you can perform that stirred great reactions during my recent college tour in Pennsylvania.

  1. The Power Hand (Standing on the front of the stage at Penn State University, I had a gentlemen in the middle of the audience standing up. I instructed him to look at my right hand which I had fully extended with all fingers spaced giving the look of a “power hand”. I told him he was going to be hypnotized again the moment I gestured my hand towards him. One moment later & I had rapidly brought all my fingers together as if to make a fist then quickly spread them back out as I said “Now” into the microphone. The gentleman proceeded to get hypnotized again while remaining in the standing position.)
  2. No Touch (Numerous people likely know about this induction since we previously posted a lesson about it but if you don’t, you’ll probably love it. You condition your previously hypnotized volunteer(s) to understand that whenever you stare into their eyes for more than a second, they will immediately re-enter hypnosis. This induction is fun because literally anytime you stare into their eyes for a few seconds, the person’s face goes from looking awake to a sped-up time lapse of someone getting tired and falling asleep during class or work. Please note that some people will take longer than others, simply keep your gaze and go with the flow of your volunteers’ reactions)
  3. Sitting Down (I’ve utilized this in the beginning of shows about as much as I have during the middle of them. Simply inform your volunteer the next time they sit down, they’ll instantaneously fall back to sleep.

Now, I want you to consider while each of the above examples can be done to volunteers individually as you build up to a stage show, imagine affecting an entire group be it the audience or stage of volunteers. It would be pretty neat to see a group of people re-induced in unison!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to keep an eye out for your volunteers and ensure their safety. Last we want is for a lone volunteer on stage to sit down, tilt & fall over because they had no support like they would have sitting next to family/friends in the audience. While that’s just one example of a possible mishap you must remember, you must structure your words carefully and ensure their safety. Safety first!


This week’s video demonstration shows one of my favorite routines that always makes a lasting impression on one lucky person…





Just like creating your own unique routines, take some time out of your week and brainstorm some inductions. Consider which of your ideas could be stretched out into its own 30 second or 1 minute comedy routine of its own. Remember, practice makes perfect and failure is the perfect signal to refine & polish your ideas.

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Feel free to leave your comments, questions, concerns & inquiries below in the comments. If you have performed any hypnosis to-date, leave a comment below with your most memorable induction, routine, etc – would love to see what skill level everyone’s at.


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