Stage Hypnosis Power Forfeit

This week’s Hypnosis training (your 6th basic Stage Hypnosis Lesson) is geared towards giving one lucky person the power to control the show!



***Let’s Review***



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***How To Forfeit***



I generally start out with most, if not all, my stage volunteers sitting down with no real command to follow. This helps clear their mind making the idea behind this routine easier for them to follow.

I step out into the audience and may open with…

“Who has ever wanted to Hypnotize someone?”


“Anyone want to become a Hypnotist?”


“Who’s ever wanted to get into/control another person’s mind?”

or something along those lines. For anyone who may be reading this as your very first HypnoKick lesson versus the first three blogs I ever posted, NO – Hypnosis isn’t actually mind control.

I simply say it to tease the minds of my audiences, enticing certain people to take the position. Since we all know movies and other misinformation about Hypnosis is still floating around, it speaks to the cliche of Hypnosis most understand.

Once I’ve acquired an interested volunteer, I make sure to provide them examples of how they can hypnotize those on stage.

Saying things like, “You can touch their head, tap their hand or knee, wiggle their shoulder or whatever you choose to do along those lines. Whatever you choose to do to each individual will send them back under. Understood?”

When they confirm they understand, I’ll let them go onto the staged area where they proceed to take my power/role as the Hypnotist.



***Next Step***



Because safety of the volunteers is paramount, I always make sure to carefully watch the person whose temporarily playing the Hypnotist. I do sit in the audience, if possible, where the volunteer was just sitting. This brings me closer to audience members providing a personal touch like I’m one of them.

I sit and watch the volunteer as they approach the stage volunteers and, if necessary, will yell a quick tip their way if they ask a question or look confused. It usually doesn’t take much before they get the basic gist and hang of it after inducing their first volunteer or two.

It always creates amazement and gasps in the audience when they see your non-hypnotized volunteer successfully re-inducing those on stage. They will often laugh, clap or simply look in amazement. Again, you’re making sure to watch them carefully the entire time to ensure they don’t look like they’re about to either pull a risky induction or request the stage volunteers do something they shouldn’t.

In this week’s video demonstration, the young woman in the first clip is confused what to do for a short bit before talking to the man on stage and acting like the show’s actually becoming hers. I stop it as I realize the talking, versus giving them an actual command, is going to drag on. In the second clip I was told by the man’s friend that he wanted to make the stage volunteers dab. Thus, you see me approach him during the audience’s applause and give him the permission to do so.



This week’s video demonstration shows how to properly forfeit your power as the Hypnotist…





Keep in mind, I’m always looking to uphold the show’s speed and energy for the audience. Therefore, unless the volunteer who’s temporarily acting out my role develops an entertaining routine (like the gentleman did), I’ll take back control  🙂

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