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If you're reading this, it either means you already knew the basics of hypnosis or you've recently taken advantage of my Basic Hypnosis Training Manual. In this training, I'll be covering extra terms you should know as a hypnotist (especially if you're planning to go pro). This will better enable you to fully understand what you're putting your volunteers through and make you a much more credible performer. God forbid any of your future volunteers have a negative reaction to your demonstrations, you'll understand why and how to proceed with caution to ensure they still have a safe and pleasant experience. As we all know, those who understand the terminology of their practice and the ins/outs of what they're doing, are seen as much more trustworthy than some of their competition!


You'll learn how to properly hypnotize someone with nothing more than their own hand. Street Hypnosis is about being quick as much as it's about being effective, this approach enables you to be both. I personally show you, step-by-step, how to go from asking someone permission to hypnotize them, to successfully inducing them within 60 seconds of shaking their hand. From here, I explain the precise steps you should follow to obtain optimal results for each and every hypnotee.


I visit a local park to show how I read groups of people. I explain how this helps me figure out who's most willing to get hypnotized and why. I even go so far as to approach the group I have the best feeling about before testing my theory about the group I expect rejection from.



Providing you with word-for-word scripts that will enable you to perform the same feats of Hypnosis you see me accomplish in this training.

You will be manage to accomplish making someone feel mentally and physically relaxed in about the same amount of time you can cause one of their arms to float up to the sky on its own via hypnotic phenomenon!

In time, with experience, you will be able to alter and produce your own custom scripts to allow your future volunteers to experience almost anything you can imagine (while simultaneously assuring their safety of course).

Contrary to what many believe, which I did when starting out, the script often works best when you are straight forward with your intentions, blunt with your commands. This type of simplicity will enable you to quickly see results.

The experience you'll gain from this will prove that short and concise scripts can easily yield great results!


When I learned hypnosis in Vegas at 19, I realized one thing...I "believed" in it because I had officially experienced it first hand by professionals.

Using this same concept, I'll start your training by providing you with your own personal experience of Hypnotic Phenomenon.

If you haven't been hypnotized by a hypnotist before, this will help you understand the experience you'll soon be trained to provide others.

Whether you come out relaxed or in a hysterical laughter, just remember that you'll soon be taught the step-by-step process of providing that same experience to future volunteers (and likely make yourself the life of the party)!

Watch Me, Your Hypnosis Mentor, Walk My Talk With Live Demos

One of the biggest rip offs I can imagine, is you investing into a training under someone who barely, if ever, actually practices themselves.

That's why I've made sure to include live footage of myself every step of the way. This enables me to visually guide you through the process and actually prove myself as a professional practitioner.

You'll see me:

  • Reading groups of people to figure out who to approach
  • Explain my psychological outlook on rejection
  • Cold approach people in the park
  • Demonstrate hypnotic phenomena
  • Getting rejected
  • And more!

This is all my way of helping you to learn proper hypnosis as well as showing you why I, Certified Advanced Hypnotist Jon Wayes, am worth listening to!

150 Students World-Wide & Counting

HypnoKick has been found by (and successfully taught) students world-wide.

From the ages of 16 and 17 all the way to 50+ years old, we've taught men and women alike the truth about hypnosis through home-based trainings like these.

Up-to-date, Street Hypnosis Training has been taken by a small group of those students who live in Europe, United States of America and Australia!

I'm proud to say HypnoKick has been on a steady incline of gaining newly enlightened hobbyists and aspiring professional hypnotists on a monthly basis.




BecauseĀ I love serious students who take action instead of making excuses, I've included bonuses for those who jump on board.

One of them is me showing/explaining exactly how I used the material in this training to land myself a 30 minute gig for $200!

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Live Limitess,
Creator, HypnoKick: Street Hypnosis Training

PS. Really hope to see you on the other side, this training material is Grade A BASDASS for the true beginner hypnotists out there!

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