Why Mass Hypnosis Is Better

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the significance of mass hypnosis.



***Fresh Approach***


I’ll be blunt, this is not a new approach. However, compared to the average hypnotist (especially those taking their techniques from old fashioned performers), it is a “fresh” approach.

Many organizers who hire me have either seen my promo or ask me about my approach via phone (before the date of the show) or in person during sound check. In either case, this approach intrigues them.

One of the universities in Pennsylvania who has made me their annual orientation hypnotist, admitted they requested me originally because they didn’t want a hypnotist who picked volunteers just to end up kicking them off stage and then starting the show.

Something to take into account, especially on the college market, is that these organizers see entertainers like this more often than you think. Additionally, they hear the feedback from students and take that very seriously (to the point of never hiring certain performers again).

If, say, there’s a hypnotist that picks certain people, others will wonder why they weren’t chosen. If the hypnotist simply instructs people to volunteer themselves…

  1. There may not be enough room on stage to host everyone interested and some hypnotists may send the extras back and focus only on those on stage (making others feel left out of an awesome experience).
  2. Certain people (ex: shy individuals) will avoid volunteering due to their fear of what might happen, not fully trusting the hypnotist or various other self-questioning possibilities

***Mass Approach***

With a mass induction, anyone and everyone has the opportunity to experience the wonderful state of hypnosis.

When you think about this from a crowd mentality, when a group of people around a certain person willingly take part in the process, that person (even if previous hesitant) is more likely to try it themselves.

This, in turn, turns an entire room/theater of people into potential volunteers for you to pick on. Less (if any) people will feel left out (due to having the choice to take part) or embarrassed (because if it doesn’t work, they’re already sitting versus having to walk off stage).

Again, because of the crowd mentality, a skeptical person may find themselves slipping into hypnosis if the people they came with/are comfortable around allow themselves to give in. As a result, a skeptic may end up experiencing hypnosis, when they previously came to the show convinced it wouldn’t work/they wouldn’t be interested.

Personally, I start my weeding out process immediately after the mass induction, to see who’s truly under versus those who wanted simple relaxation, those who over analyzed and brought themselves out of it or even the very few who clearly did it for the attention (versus the experience).

Remember, I stated this wasn’t actually a new approach. There are numerous hypnotists who utilize this. My friend Hypnotist Chris Jones began using this approach years after I initially mentioned it. I’ve also seen others execute this tactic via video.

Furthermore, if into uploading cool videos/promo material, a mass induction looks awesome compared to 10-30 people on stage hypnotized (assuming they all stay).

Of course, if serious about going into greater detail about the execution/benefits of mass hypnosis, in addition to learning how to:

  1. Build your inner confidence to start performing (within weeks/months)
  2. Hypnotize your audiences/volunteers (word-for-word)
  3. Induce your volunteers in unique ways (versus the same inductions)
  4. Create unique routines no one else does (I do this annually)
  5. Personalize every single show (effortlessly)
  6. Incorporate your audience (making them feel in control)
  7. Land $1000+ clients annually (like my students & myself do)
  8. And more

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This week’s video demonstration shows what my mass hypnosis process looks like…



While copying the classic approaches and old fashioned performers is a perfecct way to start one’s hypnosis hobby/career, there comes a point where you’ll be viewed as the “old soup of the week”.

The easiest way to maintain clients (let alone keep the checks coming), is to stay fresh, innovative and therefore ultimately relevant. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to some classic inductions or routines, school’s have openly admitted to wanting performers with fresh approaches/routines over those who do the same show every time they’re hired.

HypnoKick is dedicated to helping kick-start both your general knowledge but also your execution of hypnosis. I selfishly want you to become the “new soup of the week” where ever you go and to naturally cause your clients/audiences to demand your return (just as mine have).

If, however, you’re new to hypnosis/looking to get your feet wet, HypnoKick has a variety of thorough home-based trainings you can choose from. Go at your own pace, master your level of comfortability & become the most unique person people meet everywhere you go. What’s more, every training includes a way for you to make more than your entire investment back. You’ve nothing to lose:  CLICK HERE!

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