2 Hypnotic Tests To Find Somnambulists Pre-Show

Section 1: 2 Tests

After over 4 years since HypnoKick’s last “3 Hypnotic Suggestibility Tests” lesson, let’s revisit the free hypnosis lesson with some new material and insight on how to find your best hypnosis volunteers pre-show.

Test 1 (Spontaneous Laughter)

Anyone who has either watched or personally experienced one of my new-age hypnosis shows in recent years will instantly know this one. It’s become my new go-to for hypnotizing new volunteers because it’s a quick, easy and efficient way of seeing who’s naturally in-tune with their imagination. This is proven by their apparent inability to hold back smiles/chuckles/laughter.

With this suggestibility test, you’re instructing your volunteer to either vividly remember a funny past experience or to perceive everything you’re saying as humorous enough to smile, if not chuckle or laugh at.

Statistically, even with a small group of willing volunteers, someone is likely to begin smiling (if they don’t immediately begin chuckling or laughing). What’s interesting is when you choose to milk this test by increasing the hilarity of your volunteer’s experience by either:

  1. Proposing a staring competition in which you tell them not to laugh, which makes them laugh more.
  2. Telling them that the closer you get to them, the funnier the experience will become and the more they’ll laugh.

While it may seem too simplistic for some reading this, trust me when I say that if you manage to get even one (let alone several) volunteers to laugh out loud with this test alone, they’ll likely become the stars of that show.

Sample Script: “As I start snapping my fingers, every word I say is going to become funnier to you for no particular reason. You’re going to end up having this weird spontaneous urge to laugh. Right now, just listening to the sound of my voice my bring a smile to your face. That smile turns into a chuckle and that chuckle turns into a laughter. The more you laugh, the better you feel and the better you feel the funnier it becomes.”

Test 2 (Stuck Feet)

This is a variation of “Stuck Hands” from HypnoKick’s first “3 Hypnotic Suggestibility Tests” lesson. This time, instead of hypnotically sticking someone’s hand to a wall, you hypnotically stick their feet to the ground.

This works in virtually every environment. I wouldn’t advise trying this in the deep end of a pool though. I don’t claim to be psychic but I predict a lawsuit in the near future for any Tide Pod-eating personality who thinks it would be funny to try. In the words of Philip DeFranco, “Don’t be stupid, stupid!”

I enjoy this one because, as described in the Street Hypnosis Training portion of HypnoKick’s Members Area, this is such an easy test to command stack. You start by telling you volunteer their feet will feel completely stuck and that they more they try to unstick their feet, the more stuck they’ll become.

If someone’s never been hypnotized before, their apparent inability to physically move may surprise them. It will certainly surprise whatever peers of theirs are watching. Once they’ve made it physically, if not also verbally, clear they’re incapable of moving their feet, you stack the command.

Connect with them over the ridiculousness of their current experience. Tell them you’ll try to help them by suggesting they use both of their hands to grab onto and pull up on one of their legs. The moment their hands touch their leg, you immediately tell them their hands are stuck to their legs, which are stuck to the ground.

In summary, “command stacking” is all about taking what experiencing your volunteer is currently undergoing and building upon it. There’s are many ways you can implement command stacking if you’re creative enough. Such as using it to transition from one test or routine to another.

Sample Script: “Imagine what it would be like if your feet were like a tree, with roots in the ground holding you strong and steady in place. So strong and so steady in fact that you’re completely stuck in place, unable to move. The harder you try to unstick yourself, the more stuck you feel yourself becoming. Even when you try grabbing one of your legs with both of your hands now to lift it up, they become stuck to that leg, which is stuck to the ground.”

Section 2: The Psychology

Years ago I received my first repeat client when the students of a high school requested the school specifically rehire me for their prom the following year. I was stoked but presented with a challenge: Develop a brand new comedy stage hypnosis show.

This is when my “New-Age Hypnosis” brand was born. The idea was to avoid the cliche (aka classic/ old-fashioned) approach and routine most Hypnotists use. After having interviewed numerous students and staff after several shows, it was clear many of them could spot a Hypnotist’s intended approach/routines from a mile away. I didn’t want to be that Hypnotist.

After having done numerous shows by this point, I wanted to come up with new, edgy and controversial routines. However, I had to first figure out how to:

  1. Indirectly call out hecklers with a subtle piece of reverse psychology that makes them think they’re stealing the limelight and “proving” hypnosis is fake before immediately shifting it back to volunteers who are genuinely hypnotized.
  2. Quickly and efficiently find the somnambulists within a group.
  3. Pull both of these off in less than 10-15 minutes (the average time many Hypnotists waste trying to find quality volunteers/ kicking others off stage before starting the actual show).

While I don’t recall exactly where the idea stemmed from, I remember thinking that if I could induce laughter over something that wasn’t innately funny, like me simply talking, would that mean they’re a somnambulist?

The psychological premise was that logically, if I tell someone to laugh but there’s no real logical reason to (nothing actually funny being said, done, etc.) that they’re likely successfully hypnotized and will carry out additional commands as well.

After over 5 years of carrying out this theory, it’s proven true during literally every stage show with every audience type (High Schoolers, University Students, Corporate Professionals, etc.).

Every time I used it in a group setting post induction, it always brought forth the biggest somnambulist(s) in every group. I got so used to performing it as my go-to stage suggestibility test that there have been times I’ve literally forgotten the classic tests like light/heavy hands.

With such success, I decided to start using it in my street hypnosis performances to see how easily hypnotized volunteers were. If they immediately smiled/laughed, I knew it would be an easy experience from thereon with said volunteer.

However, I wanted to take things a step further to better gauge where all four friends were with their experience. This is when I introduced the idea of their feet being stuck to the ground.

With the one girl in the friend group positively reacting to every prior test, I wanted to see if I could help her experience waking hypnosis. The idea was, without re-inducing her, I wanted her to be able to have the ability to tap into her creative mind just as easily (and efficiently) as she was able to when induced.

When I’m able to help a volunteer who’s never been hypnotized before go from experiencing their first trance and induced command to experiencing hypnotic phenomena in a waking state, I love watching them realize just how powerful their mind really is.

The moment a volunteer experiences a trance with their eyes open and reacts to their first waking hypnosis command, there’s a powerful shift that occurs within their subconscious. They may perceive what you’re doing as the Hypnotist as “weird” or “cool” but it’s actually deeper than that.

The truth is, you’re helping them understand just how naturally in tune with and powerful their mind is. It’s proof that they have the ability to manifest a reality for themselves they may not have previously thought was possible. You’re exposing your volunteer(s) to their inner power that can be utilized in numerous ways.

Click the image below to watch me execute both suggestibility tests and see who in this friend group was best fit for my stage performance…

Section 3: Conclusion

This was one of HypnoKick’s first lessons years ago & I realized I had learned/tested and succeeded with new approaches the public might enjoy.

Remember to stay strong and continue onto another test if someone doesn’t initially react to your first test. If the next test works better for them, great! Try another and continue gauging their reactions. If they don’t, reassure them they’re able to get hypnotized but maybe your specific approach or style doesn’t mesh well with them but to not blame themselves.

There have been plenty of times where I’ve either referred people to another Hypnotist or encouraged them to research another Hypnotist they thought could help them. I’ve said it before, admitting you may not be the best fit as Hypnotist for them but either referring them to someone you think is (or encouraging them to find one) can only garner you respect.

The hypnosis community can be very egotistical. So the more humble and transparent you choose to be, the more respect you’re likely to gain in addition to a solid fan base (and potential clients).

Those interested in the full version of this month’s video demonstration alongside a few longer sample scripts for you to replicate my success in the real world, Click Here.

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