2020 Hypnosis Tour Vs Coronavirus

Section 1: The Frenzy

The recently proclaimed epidemic known as the novel Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has, more or less, caused an international lock down.

Various media sources indicate that while coronaviruses in general have been around for some time, that COVID-19 specifically originated in Wuhan, China and is now a daily threat internationally.

If that last sentence induces any amount of fear or anxiety within you, I understand. However, despite growing up with a terrible immune system myself, I learned something neat in my journey as a Hypnotist. One’s perception = one’s reality.

In other words, you’re reality is rooted in information that you perceive & believe to be true or false. This is why there are studies where, after taking a placebo, certain people find themselves improving. In short, their mind believed the placebo was the real solution & that helped relieve the symptoms. You can watch an incredible Psychological Illusionist demonstrate this concept.

My point behind mentioning this? When multiple news sources build something up, it becomes a media frenzy. This frenzy can cause panic and, in a sense, “mass hypnosteria”. This mass hypnosteria can lead countries of people to believe they’re in immediate danger. This can do a number of those already struggling with mental health.

In the same way I’ve hypnotized groups of people to relax by grabbing their attention, the news can grab international attention and hypnotize many into freaking out by bombarding their every day lives with nothing but the negative aspects of any situation.

By keeping yourself properly informed and remaining “alert, not anxious”, as DOCTOR MIKE on YouTube says, you can help keep yourself in check. Remember, if you’re (1) generally healthy, (2) young or middle-aged, (3) thoroughly washing your hands and (4) practicing social distancing, you’re more than likely going to be fine (based on everything I’ve personally read/heard thus far).

In the same way media frenzy can affect one’s beliefs and therefore mental health, so can one’s self talk (seriously). Do you live your life confidently telling yourself that your body can sustain its current level of health and genuinely believe it (just as the improved placebo patients believed in their placebos)?

In combination with the proper safety precautions laid out by the CDC, I invite you to adopt a PMA (positive mental attitude) and live your life believing that you’ll be ok and unaffected by the virus. You’ve nothing to lose and may find it helps improve your mental health (potentially even your emotional and physical health as a byproduct).

Unfortunately, this mentality doesn’t change the fact that the COVID-19 situation has officially caused:

  1. Cruise lines to stop mid-cruise and quarantine passengers
  2. Flights to be cancelled/ticket prices to drop dramatically
  3. Major sporting and general public events to be cancelled
  4. Weddings to be postponed
  5. Vacations to be cut short
  6. People self quarantining
  7. The practice of social distancing
  8. St. Patty Day events to be cancelled
  9. Schools to lock down for weeks
  10. Many jobs to cut employee hours

While my colleagues and I found some of this to be an example of media frenzy, we are still responsibly following the advice of the CDC (and have even cancelled the LA production of our April YouTube episode).

In regards to that last point (job hours being cut), the entertainment field has felt the impact as well.

I’ve already read reports of people I know in the entertainment industry having to cancel or reschedule their 2020 Spring Tour.

Just this week alone:

  1. Award-Winning College Magician Joel Myers announced the cancellation of his college & theater tour on Instagram.
  2. Mentalist & Hypnotist Max Major announced the cancellation of his 2020 Spring tour during a TikTok live stream.
  3. Hypnotist Chris Jones informed me all his shows have been postponed with no officially rescheduled dates as of yet.

In addition to these cases. I recently received notice that (as of this week) at least 125 post prom hypnosis shows in the Midwest alone have already been rescheduled.

I’m grateful that, at the time of writing this hypnosis training lesson, none of my 2020 post prom or graduation clients have cancelled (but one said there’s a high probability of needing to reschedule).

In the past decade of speaking with clients, traveling and experiencing cancellations myself, I know it would be naive of me to believe none of my clients would want to reschedule (if not cancel).

With that said, let me walk you through my mental process of each scenario.

Section 2: The Result

In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, “I am prepared for the worst ,but hope for the best.

Here is how I’m progressing business-wise through this pandemic:

  1. Contract Clause: My corporate contract contains a clause in which I’m owed a certain amount of payment if a client wishes to book me (and it’s non-refundable). Due to the high demand for live entertainment leading up to High School Proms (since that’s the current season on the horizon for Hypnotists), Hypnotists are flooded with requests (often for the same date). Some clients are aware of what they want from a Hypnotist and what their budget is, meanwhile, others are clueless. To help ensure my time isn’t wasted on a client who admits to wanting to spend the next few weeks price shopping, they’re informed that the date they want is first-come-first-serve. Now they must make a choice to either (1) invest in my A1 performance package to immediately secure me for a popular Prom date or (2) risk losing my services to feel out their other options. Either way, whomever is serious about booking me for their Prom must put down a non-refundable deposit. The serious client will happily pay a fee to solidify you as their entertainment, while the flaky client will do a lot of talking while investigating other performers. Since most shows, like High School After Proms, are booked months (if not a year) in advance, this deposit clause helps ensure I can keep the money I’ve made from booking a client and use it wisely during pandemics like this. Long story short, have a clause within your contract that guarantees you immediate income.
  2. Accepting Clients: This week alone my corporation has received 2 new requests. One of them is for a brand new venue opening to the public in later 2020. Due to COVID-19, my manager has informed me the date of the show, while already in late summer, may be pushed back into the fall of 2020 to help ensure the health and safety of those I’ll be entertaining. Some readers may find that to be a bit extreme and unnecessary, while others may understand the benefits that come with agreeing to such terms. Let me provide an example of why I have little issue agreeing to such proposals. I recently had plane tickets to fly my Videographer and I out to LA to shoot a big project for YouTube and other media outlets. While my Videographer and I felt confident we could have pulled the project off, something weighed on me. Had we flown out and anyone from this project contracted COVID-19 (let alone infect someone immune compromised as a result) that technically would’ve been my fault for making them do the project with me at this point in time. Despite the never-before-done ideas we brainstormed, despite the social media influencers we managed to convince to join the project, despite the ultimate multi-part goal of this multi-phase project, I refused to be the reason anyone would potentially risk their health and safety in the name of entertainment. That’s why I have little issue with my corporation accepting future entertainment contracts, even if it means the organizer of the current contract wishes to push their desired date back a few weeks or months. They want to ensure the health and safety of their guests at said event. So, if you’re one of the students using the client generating tool taught in HypnoKick’s Members Area, (1) don’t be surprised if you receive few, if any, requests for a while but (2) remain open and communicative with clients looking to book you for events taking place in later 2020 or beyond.
  3. Touching Base: Touch base with any clients you may have between now and June. I say this because I recently saw a new video published to YouTube explaining that the average pandemic lasts about 3 months. Viewers were informed to expect this time frame to become a potential reality. Granted, some sources estimate it will be longer while others say this may blow over soon. Regardless, touching base with your clients shows you care. One of my Prom clients was already reached out to and we’ve received no word of rescheduling or cancelling as of yet. My graduation client, on the other hand, told me they’re likely to reschedule. When you touch base with your already-scheduled clients, it makes them feel like they mean more to you than just another paycheck. It’s simple acts of consideration like this that lead them to view you in a better light and, assuming your eventual show goes off without a hitch, may very well lead to you becoming their annual entertainer. Even if you don’t become their annual entertainer, I’ve also had guests at one event see me, like me and refer me to additional event organizers for future engagements.
  4. Branching Out: One of the things HypnoKick’s revamped Mentorship includes is the explanation of why it’s good to branch out beyond normal hypnosis demonstrations. In summary, it’s good to broaden your horizons as an entertainer. You never know what additional skills may earn you extra money in the long-run. Magic, for example, is a widely accepted form of entertainment. Unlike hypnosis, which is psychological and requires trust and rapport with your volunteer, magic is a mechanical misdirection that requires little, if anything, from your volunteer. As a result, the mind-blowing moments that magic tricks create are dependent on the Magician. While I’ve become a major fan of hypnosis because I’ve spent the better part of the last decade learning how to hypnotize just about anyone, anywhere at anytime, I can’t argue that magic is much easier to pull off. People understand that magic is deceiving them in the name of entertainment, while many are still not well-educated on, and therefore hesitant when it comes to, the topic of hypnosis. All this just to say my corporation has received generous contracts in the past to have me simply walk around performing strolling magic tricks at different events. Even now, in the middle of a world-wide epidemic, my corporation received a private party strolling magic request. I’m being asked to perform basic walk around card tricks at a mansion. Contract price? Over $1000. If you think that’s crazy, you’re not alone. I was on the phone with a student several weeks ago talking about a contract I landed with a corporation in Wisconsin. They wanted a strolling Magician for their corporate dinner party in January 2020. They agreed to a contract worth over $1500 for 60 minutes of walk around magic tricks. The tricks I performed were literally a combination of things I used to teach at a kids summer camp and simple effects recently released on the magic market for Magicians that pack small but play huge. The result? I fooled a room of engineers and made people smile, laugh and thank me for entertaining them. Imagine, in a time like this, being able to land yourself a contract worth over $1000 with the right client just because you know some basic card tricks and used the client-generating tool provided in the Members Area. This is one of many growing reasons I can never recommend HypnoKick’s Members Area in the training tab enough. It sets you up to ensure, even during scary/unsure times like these, that you are properly trained, conditioned and prepped to become the Hypnotist that you aspire to be. What’s more, that you’re able to still make some money while many suffer from having their hours cut at their regular 9-5.

Section 3: Conclusion

Make sure you have a well laid-out contract that guarantees you money, don’t be afraid to accept future clients for 6+ months in advance, touch base with currently contracted clients & consider branching out with additional skills to generate more income.

If you’re new to HypnoKick, now’s actually a fabulous time to look around. This training site has over 3 years worth of free weekly hypnosis lessons like this one. Just about any question you may have can likely be answered by one of our 10+ pages of informational blogs.

Regardless of your goals with hypnosis, hobbyist or aspiring pro, HypnoKick can help you achieve them when you Click Here 🙂

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