3 Methods To Handle Hypnosis Skeptics

Section 1: Skeptics & Cynics

If you’re brand new to hypnosis, let me be blunt, you will encounter skeptics (and some cynics).

There’s generally at least 1 (if not several) skeptics at every show I host, regardless if it’s a High School, University or Corporate event.

As long as the media keeps producing various forms of hypnosis-related material that makes the general public fear or heavily question it’s validity, you can expect skeptics during your time as a Hypnotist.

My personal experience has been that skeptics aren’t sure what to believe in due to a lack of due diligence. On the other hand, others simply view themselves as “immune” to hypnosis.

One of my favorites is when someone says, “I’m too mentally strong” without realizing a strong mind is more likely to get hypnotized with ease than someone with a serious psychological.neurological condition.

Please Note: This is not a jab against anyone suffering with a serious mental condition. There’s a reason many Hypnotists won’t work with those suffering from certain psychological/neurological conditions. Doing so without prior permission from or in collaboration with a psychiatrist or another doctor could lead to legal issues for the Hypnotist depending on the situation.

More often than not, I’ve noticed skeptics are just looking for a little proof, be it literature-based or personal experience, to help validate what they’ve seen and heard regarding hypnosis.

Sometimes just reciting what’s in HypnoKick’s book 4 Steps To Hypnotizing Anyone is enough to help them understand hypnosis isn’t mind control or some woo-woo pseudo science/psychology.

Then there are cynics. People who refuse to believe that hypnosis is real or works and that anyone claiming otherwise is silly and uneducated. They may also express their ideology that Hypnotists are snake oil salesmen looking to make easy money off the gullible.

Again, in my experience, these individuals usually aren’t the most well-versed in the actual field of hypnosis, let alone it’s practice. Before we cover some basic ways to deal with both skeptics and cynics, be aware sometimes it’s best to simply agree to disagree with the person your speaking with.

Section 2: Dealing With Them

Method 1 (HypnoKick’s book): HypnoKick’s free book 4 Steps To Hypnotize Anyone was purposely made to educate the average person in better understanding the truth behind hypnosis while helping aspiring Hypnotists to start their journey.

It simultaneously serves as a quick informational source for lay people and educational tool for the aspiring Hypnotist.

I’ve personally led many curious minds and skeptics to download the book to either feed their curious mind or enlighten the skeptic.

Since it’s common for people to associate hypnosis with hypnotic phenomena (like stage hypnosis), the book helps them better understand that the topic isn’t what Hollywood typically depicts.

After a while of reviewing the information within the book and (more importantly) actually executing said information, referencing its material will become second nature to you.

I was recently discussing my career with a young man who, after telling him I’ve trained others to hypnotize people in only hours, said, “It can’t be that easy?!”

I immediately referenced the information within HypnoKick’s book and explained as long as he knew the safety measures to take before hypnotizing someone, the 4 steps, their purpose and the script to execute them, he could easily begin hypnotizing people that evening.

I explained I could personally teach him all the basics and have him hypnotizing people in less than 30 minutes if he really wanted. He didn’t have a rebuttal, just an intrigued “Huh!” response.

I use this basic information weekly when explaining what I do for a living. Women are often interesting because as soon as I explain getting hypnotized could help reduce if not remove their current stress/anxiety, they tend to go from hesitant to desiring the experience.

So, if someone you know is skeptical or simply thinks hypnosis is weird/ creepy/ scary, suggest they download the book for free from the “Training” tab. They have nothing to lose.

While this easily accessible book provides a decent foundation for understanding hypnosis in general, most desire further information. That’s where method 2 comes into play.

Method 2 (HypnoKick lessons): HypnoKick was designed to be referenced. Whether you had a question or knew someone who thought hypnosis was BS, every weekly blog is created to provide general understanding of that week’s topic.

What is the difference between “Hypnosis” and “Hypnotic Phenomena”? Why don’t some people feel hypnotized? How can you perform multiple routines without having to re-induce your volunteer every time? What proof is there that you’ve ever experienced hypnosis? What’s a good way to run a stage hypnosis show? Is there any benefit or scientific-backing to hypnosis? How realistic are some of Hollywood’s depictions of hypnosis?

These are only a few examples of the questions that HypnoKick has been answering for the past three years. Take this lesson for example, it was inspired by the various emails & private messages I’ve received from people saying they were having difficulty explaining the validity of what they were doing to family/friends/colleagues/etc.

So the next time a family/friend/colleague questions the topic (or the validity of what you’re doing as a Hypnotist) feel free to send them to this site. The entire point of HypnoKick is to better educate both the generally curious as well as the aspiring professionals.

It’s surprising how I’ve limited the number of times I explain things to people in person or reply to in-depth comments/questions on the internet. In fact, after my last corporate hypnosis show in Michigan last Friday, I was approached by a hard core skeptic convinced I used plants.

I replied with something along the lines of, “If that were the case, wouldn’t everyone have stayed on stage?” He response went along the lines of, “No, that would just make everything look more realistic”.

It was difficult to debate because:

  1. I’ve heard of Hypnotists bribing their volunteers.
  2. I requested a lady play along with my show back in 2013 when I was still starting out because she wasn’t fully in the experience mentally but told me she didn’t want to leave.

While that was the only time I [technically] used a plant (without intending to – I should’ve just kicked her off stage), I could see this gentleman’s point.

I asked him to bring out his phone and immediately searched up HypnoKick. I tapped the “Powerful Benefits of Hypnosis” lesson. It provided real-world examples of every day people using hypnosis and a science-backed article to proving the legitimacy of hypnosis as a tool.

Think about the most popular questions or accusations you get as a practicing Hypnotist. Let’s say for example, you grew up in a religious household and have skeptical friends.

You could simply keep two internet tabs open on your phone. One tab could be for the “Is Hypnosis Evil or Safe” lesson, to help better inform your religious peers. The other tab could be for “Hypnosis Suggestibility Tests” to provide your skeptical friends (or anyone interested) their own experience.

If you’re new to HypnoKick, I’d highly advise taking some times to look through this site and see what free hypnosis lessons are offered that you (or those you know) would benefit most from.

This method is just as powerful for those just starting their journey as a Hypnotist that are unsure how to answer certain questions. Read as many of the free lessons on this site as you wish/can and either:

  1. Read them to memory (just as I wrote the lessons so I would remember them more clearly for future reference) or
  2. Find specific lessons regarding the questions or allegations you get the most so you can easily refer your next skeptic to them via your phone or theirs.

If you’re HypnoKick veteran, it wouldn’t hurt to look back at and review some of the older/original lesson material. I created HypnoKick and still find myself searching for specific lessons at times to either refresh my memory or better educate any new skeptics I encounter.

This method could potentially help you when discussing the topic with a cynic as well. In my experience, however, they tend to be set on the idea it’s all BS and whatever information you provide them is nonsense. In those scenarios, the next method is likely your best bet (assuming they’re willing).

Method 3 (Personal Demos): Even when free books & detailed weekly blogs are available, sometimes the best way for someone to understand something is to experience it.

This is another reason HypnoKick’s free book was created, to provide the passionate hobbyist or aspiring professional the opportunity to begin hypnotizing people the same day they download/read it.

Additionally, this is the biggest perk to HypnoKick’s Members Area. Updated monthly, students receive a wealth of intricately detailed step-by-step and word-for-word hypnosis training enabling them to:

  1. Help people around the world via the internet
  2. Perform hypnosis demonstrations anywhere/anytime
  3. Host New-Age Stage Hypnosis Shows
  4. Read groups of people/individuals
  5. Perform hypnosis quickly/efficiently/confidently
  6. Influence others
  7. And MUCH More!

No matter what anyone wishes to learn (basic hypnotherapy or professional stage hypnosis), HypnoKick’s Members Area covers it all to some degree.

Utilizing the exact training offered in the Members Area, I will often demonstrate a street style hypnosis induction to help the person quickly feel the psychological and physiological effects of hypnosis.

This one small act alone has helped turn many skeptics into believers. It’s interesting how someone experiencing a basic hypnosis demonstration can change their entire perception on it.

This often leaves people surprised with just how simple, quick, easy, natural and psychologically non-invasive the experience is. I always try to ensure people come out of their first experience feeling more relaxed and alert than when we started.

After these quick demonstrations, people tend to look at hypnosis in a different, more positive, light. Sometimes they’ll even ask what I can do next. Maybe they came out of the experience feeling completely stress-free and wish to experience spontaneous laughter, name amnesia or feel drunk/high with the power of hypnosis.

This is the reason, when personally training students 1-on-1, I will hypnotize them first before teaching them. It’s the way I was taught and I believe it’s the best way to understand what your future volunteers will experience. This helps you guide them through a new physiological, psychological and possible even emotional experience.

Once you’ve [properly] provided someone with their own experience, they tend to feel relaxed, at ease and their mind begins wandering to questions like, “That was cool/crazy!”, “Why haven’t I done this before?”, “What else is possible with hypnosis?” and more.

This may be, by far, the best solution for a cynic. To help them personally experience the calming and beneficial nature of hypnosis first-hand. When comparing how they felt prior to the moment they open their eyes, it’s generally easier for them to fathom the real-world benefits and monetary perks of hypnosis.

This week’s video demonstration covers my matured approach to skeptics and cynics versus when I started as a teenager…

Section 3: Conclusion

The three methods covered in this week’s hypnosis lesson should suffice for most of your encounters with skeptics or cynics. I’ve found the longer I study the field and practice the art, the more I learn to use as reference for any future skeptics, cynics or religious extremists I encounter.

While HypnoKick has grown into an internet hub of useful knowledge for the book worm as well as affordable and immediately applicable trainings for the aspiring professional, always remain curious and willing to learn.

Regardless of what your goals with hypnosis, HypnoKick can help you reach (if not surpass) them when you Click Here 🙂

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