4 Perks of Repeat Hypnosis Clients

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the perks to getting re-booked as a hypnotist.



Perk #1: Humor

As I reference in “How To Incorporate Hypnotic Humor“, you’ll already be acquainted with this venues’s humor acceptance. When you’re performing at a new venue/for a new audience, it’s always wise to ask the event organizer what type of language/humor is acceptable (ex: PG, PG-13, R or X). This helps you tweak your show before it begins to ensure all material/routines are acceptable. This can vary between similar venues. For example, this week’s video demonstration focuses around a graduating high school class I performed for last year. I knew the spontaneous “crime” routine could fly this year because both this year and last year students were using language/referencing things more inappropriate than what I included in my show. The prom staff had no issue letting their language/references fly then, so I knew I was safe when the young man spoke of his bloody crime during my show this year.


Perk #2: Rapport

If you’re in a school setting, you may remember certain students/staff that you previously hypnotized with great success. Assuming some (if not all) of them are still on campus (and attending your show), they’re likely to become your volunteers again. This makes your job easier because you have already established great rapport with these individuals & don’t need to work as hard to get them to trust you/go under. Granted, you’ll still want to put in some effort. One of the students from this week’s video demonstration sits on the far left of the stage. He was also hypnotized during my Prom Hypnosis show for his school in 2018. The personal joy (and sense of relaxation) he got from letting me hypnotize him made him a prime candidate for my 2019 Prom Hypnosis show. What was cooler was his brother got to witness him being hypnotized live. When someone gets hypnotized, that’s cool. When someone’s friend, significant other, family member, colleague, etc. gets to witness them being hypnotized, it heightens the experience/memories for all. In short, once you’ve managed to hypnotize someone once, doing so again in the future will help you fill your stage of chairs more easily.


Perk #3: Testing

Clients who re-book you are the prime ones to test brand new material on. Take this week’s video demonstration for example. The clip is only a part of a brand new comedy stage hypnosis tour I’m still tweaking/polishing up. I had never attempted most of the routines I had done in that show in that manner before but just about all of them worked well. Admittedly, there were technical issues that caused me to post pone the show for about 10-15 minutes but I still rocked it. Students laughed, parents were relieved of supervision responsibility for over an hour and my volunteers got to experience tremendous relaxation/stress relief. You can even feel free to take a note from this week’s video demonstration that relates to an earlier “How To Improv Your Stage Hypnosis” blog. As stated in that lesson, when an audience member (or in this case a hypnotized volunteer) gives you something new to work off of, do it. I never expected the young man in this week’s video to say what he said. Nevertheless, it provided me with extra material to milk, the ability to steer the show in a unique direction & create a unique memory for everyone present. Since that show, I’ve tweaked the music, improved my script, increased my engagement, incorporated a cool self-working induction & more. As a result, the show flows more smoothly, generates more gasps/laughs & impresses the audiences/organizers alike. These results have, in my experience, great potential to lead into the last perk.


Perk #4: Money

That’s right, I said it (and I know some of you love the idea). The truth is, getting repeat clients is one of the best ways for your business to stay alive. Additionally, it provides you the opportunity to connect with/impact some new faces the next time you perform for said client/at said venue. I’ve been the annual hypnotist for certain schools, festivals & private parties. It’s an easy check every year. Now, while achieving your first few annual clients is a great goal, I’ve had the privilege of entertaining the same house party months apart. As you might imagine, the more money clients are willing to invest in me, the more detail-oriented I become to ensure they feel they made a worthwhile investment. It’s those little details that have led me to begin earning $100-$300 tips post-show in recent years.



This week’s video demonstrates the range of comedy I can get away with based on my knowledge of/relationship with this student body & their staff…




Whenever you’re re-booked, make sure you take note of the humor you used, rapport you had & begin brainstorming interesting new ideas to incorporate. I’ve personally replaced some popular hypnotists due to their lack of attention to those 3 details.

Even to this day I have to remember I’m still considered a “little guy” in this game. I still have so much time to meet, interact with & impact so many more people on the high school, college, corporate & other markets. With that said, I feel it’s safe to say your journey is only just beginning (and I hope HypnoKick is helping).

Regardless what level you’re at (complete beginner or advanced), HypnoKick has some of the market’s cheapest trainings bar none! Start/continue your journey HERE 🙂

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