5 Psychological Ways To Establish Authority

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson covers 5 non-verbal ways to psychologically establish yourself as the authority (aka The Hypnotist).



***Psychological Tricks***


Non-Verbal Trick #1: Having a banner to place behind your chair set up within your performance area. For over the past year now, I’ve brought my custom-made retractable banner to all my High School and University shows. After meeting the organizer who convinced the University or High School to book me, I’ll have them take me to the performance space. After viewing it for a few seconds, I immediately know how I want to set my chairs up based on the overall venue space & will set up my banner behind that chair set up. This serves as a literal visual sign of my name (Jon), title (New-Age Hypnoitst) & face (my head shot promo) so students know exactly who I am/what to expect. In turn, they’re psychologically conditioned to be prepared when they physically see me in genera, let alone when I approach the stage to start the show.


Non-Verbal Trick #2: Dressing professionally. One of the few things I remember from my live training years ago (I believe this one was San Diego), was to ensure you’re one of the best (if not the best) dressed people at the event you’re entertaining. For example, I know more often than not that when I do my High School Prom tour every spring that I’ll be associating with the students hours after their dance is already over. This means they will have had time to change into more comfortable/loose clothing. Therefore, my approaching the venue in a fit white button up, covered by a black vest, dark jeans (possibly dress pants) & nice dress shoes. Just like Non-Verbal Trick #1, this will cause those who see you to immediately conclude you’re some sort of authority (if they’re not already aware you’re the hypnotist). This one can be interesting because I’ve had both: students immediately know who I was simply because of how I was dressed compared to them & students confused by who the randomly well-dressed young man was and whisper “Who’s that?” or “Is that the hypnotist?”. Sometimes, for fun, if i hear the first question, I’ll turn and say “I’m the hypnoitst!” with a big smile or if i hear the second, respond, “Yes sir/ma’am, can’t wait to see you at the show!”. This not only makes them feel acknowledged but also creates a bit of hype for them and their peers.


Non-Verbal Trick #3: Labeled clothing. In the past few years, labeled jackets, shirts, dress shirts, hats and the sort have become increasingly popular. While I can’t say I remember who started this off the top of my head, my friend/colleague Hypnotist Darrin Johnson was the one that influenced/helped me to get my own custom embroidered/lettered jacket. I will often lay my jacket on one of my staged performance chairs opposite how people normally would leave their jacket/coat on a chair. This enables the incoming audience to read the bold ironed letters on the back of my jacket that read “LET ME HYPNOTIZE YOU”. This serves as a sign that me (the hypnotist) is present while simultaneously indirectly requesting audience members to volunteer themselves to want to gain this experience. In fact, this (in combination with a visual banner in the background of the chairs) serves as a double whammy for establishing your authority.


Non-Verbal Trick #4: Hanging around organizers. As I write this specific trick, it should be noted I’m doing so with the idea that you’re performing for (as I often do) a High School event. While this could also be applied to the college market, High School’s often easier because the amount of staff/organizers is much smaller than a large university where most students aren’t likely to know just about every other student, let alone staff member. I found that if I’m hanging around an organizer/organizers, especially near my soon-to-be-performance space, students will naturally catch on that (1) I’m not a staff member/organizer and that I must there for be (2) the primary entertainment they’re about to witness/enjoy. In combination with the above tricks, they’ll quickly add up who you are and you’ll non-verbally begin to create a little buzz.


Non-Verbal Trick #5: Silently walking onto and staring at your audience from the staged area. While this may sound a bit awkward, this can prove interestingly useful. I wasn’t even aware I was going to suggest this trick before realizing I’ve done it at a few High Schools and Universities myself. Again, if I’m one of the best dressed people in the room and I approach the front of the stage, stand quiet/tall with my hands behind my back. Multiple people usually notice and begin to shush their surrounding peers as a simultaneous sign of respect to you as well as intrigue for what you’re about to say/do.



This week’s video demonstration shows the visual banner I use to immediately establish non-verbal authority…




Utilize these simple non-verbal tactics in every venue you’re booked to entertain & you’ll naturally establish your authority, psychologically condition your audiences & create some hype/buzz for the amazing performance you’re preparing to give.

What other psychological tricks can you think of to establish your authority as the hypnotist non-verbally? Let me know down in the comments below to win a shout out in next week’s video & a free hypnosis gift 🙂

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