6 signs you hypnotized a somnambulist

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains 6 signs you’ve hypnotized a somnambulist.



***Let’s Review***

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***Body Language***

As discussed in earlier lessons & our home-based trainings, body language says more than the person’s actual words. In this case, who is the first to drop?

If you’re confused by the use of the word “drop”, it’s a term hypnotists use to describe the first person to completely physically relax themselves to the point that they appear to be sleeping.

I’m not talking about the person with their head drooped and shoulders/arms/feet still perfectly aligned like they’re in boot camp. I’m referring to the person near them looking like they’re taking a 15 minute power nap.

Their head is either between their legs or on their peer’s shoulder/lap. Their hands and arms in random positions. That person is truly hypnotized. While this would be considered disrespectful behavior to other artists, this is a perfect physiological sign that they’re mentally/physically relaxed (aka hypnotized).

However, they still may not be fully in “the zone” quiet yet. So to test this, you could tell them something along the lines of, “When you wake up, you’ll forget your name ever time I ask you what it is”.



***Other 5 Signs***

Sign 2) Confused: When I used the above command this past weekend during a college show in South Dakota, there was a young woman that looked particularly confused. When someone you ask a simple question to is unable to naturally reply without difficulty and confusion, it’s a great sign you have a somnambulist.

Sign 3) Quiet: Often times my volunteers will wake up in a daze. Considering hypnotists will often bombard volunteers with simple questions (as implied above) upon their waking, volunteers come out of a state of complete relaxation and enter into immediate confusion. This, in turn, makes them analyze what’s going on and why. While some volunteers may get out a “Huh?” or “Uh…I don’t know”, there will be some who are too lost for words to verbally respond.

Sign 4) Physically Verbal: Due to being confused (and possibly dazed from their trance), volunteers may speak with their body more so than their mouths. During my college show in South Dakota, the young woman in the audience wouldn’t talk at all upon waking. She just looked surprised/confused that I was in front of her while her peers stared with smiles. When asked her name, everyone chuckled when she quickly shook her head back and forth. It was clear she went deep under and that she had, at that time, entered into somnambulism and was temporarily complying with my commands. Some volunteers may initially freak out that you’re so close and trying to talk with them, leading them to slowly (maybe even quickly) try to distance themselves from you. Either way, listen to their body language to tell if they’re in “the zone” while ensuring their safety.

Sign 5) Letting Loose: One of audience’s favorite routines (at just about every venue I’ve performed at) is when I get volunteers to dance. The young women I’ve been referring to this entire lesson even went from being antisocial upon opening her eyes to eventually wanting to grind on the gentleman on stage. Somnambulists can be like real-life introverts (many of the best ones actually are). They may come off as quiet and reserved individuals at first but eventually are happy to let loose, dance, act super outgoing and ultimately become the life of the party (after all, even introverts need outlets).

Sign 6) Open With Rapport: Near the end of my South Dakota show, the young woman went from being shy to outgoing and even outspoken. She demanded a refund (under the hypnotic impression I faked the show & she deserved a refund for a free event) & was the most verbal about it. When offered a poker chip and asked what she may do with it, her response… I’ll let the video below explain the rest.



This week’s video demonstration shows visual signs you’ve hypnotized a somnambulist…



Look for the first people who “drop” most noticeably & continue reading their body language as you ask them simple questions & watch them react to simple commands.

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