7 Hypnotic Influences

After a 7 week hiatus, here are 7 hypnotists that have positively influenced me that you should check out.

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  1. Hypnotist Anthony Jacquin – Unless you’re new to HypnoKick, it will serve as no surprise that my original hypnosis mentor Anthony Jacquin has first mention. After getting passed his awesome accent, I was drawn to his calm and well-educated nature. Unlike many trainers I’ve come across since my 2011 Vegas encounter with Anthony, I realized how caring & authentic Anthony really was. He oozed confidence, spoke with calm authority & cared about both his volunteers as well as his students. In my eyes, he’s been one of the few all-around quality hypnotists that acts the same in public/social media as he acts in person. His simplistic approach to street hypnosis was amazing as a first-time students and has stuck with me and has heavily influenced HypnoKick’s home-based training programs. I was honored when he agreed to be a part of HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training. He agreed to an interview to help aspiring/amateur hypnotists kick-start their mindset & productivity as a hypnotist.
  2. Hypnotist Marcus Lewis – I was in the lobby of the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas when this man (who I once labeled a HypnoNinja) waved his hand in front of my face. When I came out of my first ever professionally street-induced trance, my hand was stuck to my head, I couldn’t remember my name and my feet were stuck to the lobby’s floor. Apparently turning to three attractive women in a casino/hotel lobby and yelling, “What’s my name?!” tells them its time to walk in the opposite direction they were heading. Marcus was swift, slick and again (in my mind) had the look, demeanor and vocal authority of a hypnosis ninja. I enjoyed the mysteriously questioning gaze he often gave us students. While we knew we’d have an experience or lesson anytime Anthony came by, it was always a mystery what Marcus had planned when he approached you. I found his approach psychologically intriguing. I now understand, with years of touring experience, when around groups of people simultaneously fascinated and unsure about you, it creates a feeling of questionable interest. In turn, this makes it easier for you to hypnotize certain people as they’re already entranced by your presence. Up-to-date, with the help of combined field experience and book studying, I’ve managed to read the body language of countless youth and effortlessly hypnotize them with a simple stare. This, as you can imagine, evokes a large emotional response from those surrounding you and builds your authoritative presence.
  3. Hypnotist Chris Jones – I remember meeting this man when he was in his mid 20’s on a nearby college campus, before the rest of the world dubbed him the “Drake look-alike that hypnotized Howie on America’s Got Talent”. I had just received my Vegas training months beforehand and was intrigued to meet a college-aged touring hypnotist. He made a poker chip float up into his upper hand from his lower hand (which were about a foot apart). He gave me the poker chip to assure those around me it wasn’t a gimmick. When i immediately replicated the effect in front of him and the other students, he happily called me out as a magician and asked me to stay. Only moments later he asked about my training/history and requested I critique his hypnosis show on campus later that evening. He was kind, soft-toned and (like Anthony) cared about people he interacted with (especially his volunteers). Through the years, his light bulb induction helped me begin molding my own stage show. When he revisited, his lifestyle intrigued me. I viewed him living the lifestyle of a rock star and aspired for that. It wasn’t long before he became the silent back stage worker that helped me acquire the shows and publicity within the High School & College markets that I’ve now achieved. He’s one of few hypnotists I’ve met that care enough to help people and has done various things (such as create free Hypnotherapy MP3s on QuitWithChris.com) to help them achieve a desired outcome. While I’ve greatly stepped aside from hypnotherapy as a primary concentration, I’m also in the process of creating free tracks for future listeners to benefit from on my Jon Wayes YouTube channel.
  4. Hypnotist Marc Savard – While this is one of 2 on this list I’ve never personally met, it’s difficult not to include him for several reasons. I learned after the first HTG (Hypnosis Training Group (founded by Jay Noblezada)) training in Vegas, they eventually incorporated Marc Savard as one of their seminar trainers. Up-to-date, I’ve heard nothing short of positive reviews regard Marc as both a genuine man and great hypnotist/trainer. I look forward to meeting with him in the future. Unlike many who have actively worked in Vegas, Marc has become one of the only hypnotists I both enjoy watching and have never heard/seen act out on social media. Despite his status, he appears to be one of the more well-composed artists that rarely, if ever, feeds into any of the negativity the hypnosis community can sometimes work up. With that said, it’s hard for me not to appreciate someone of his caliber. He’s clearly successful, well-spoken and hosts a plethora of stage hypnosis shows that the public can view for fun, see what he’s come up with and even grow their own thought-of routines from. In terms of posting his material on platforms like YouTube, I recently watched him indirectly call out others in the field who would hypocritically accuse other hypnotists for doing what they did to Marc. With so much ego in the community, it was refreshing to see someone of Marc’s status calmly bring things full circle. It’s my belief and hope hypnotists like Marc will stick around, continue entertaining and help make the hypnosis space become more of a collaborative environment than competitive one. For that reason, I aspire to be as even-tempered/well-spoken & as communally uplifting as Marc.
  5. Hypnotist Eric Mina – Upon meeting Eric over a year ago in Pennsylvania at a gathering, we bonded over our difficulties trying to get Catholic Schools to understand we’re entertainers, not devil worshipers (yes, I’m serious). Our humorous conversation led me to giving him a passage from the Catholic Catechism, stating that the church views hypnosis as positive tool in terms of helping people (aka Hypnotherapy). In the months ahead, I found Eric (much like Chris) to be on the same level as me. I appreciated (much like Marc) that he wasn’t caught up in our community’s ego-driven craziness. One point in particular always stands out. I once got into an online debate with several high-earning hypnotists (primarily businessmen) that my helping a low-income client find a quality hypnotists was “devaluing” everyone else’s worth within the community. Upon expressing my distress to a handful of people, Eric was one of the first to step forward and reassure me I was doing a good thing and to avoid letting money/ego-driven performers get to me. He later influenced me to alter aspects of my business that, in only a few months, began generating me more than before. From a business perspective, Eric helped me understand (which enabled me to help others understand) certain intricacies of the market, which helped improved business. He pushed me to understand sometimes giving a bit of advice to the serious-aspiring-little-guy-with-a-fire-up-his-ass is all he needs to continue uphill.
  6. Brian Douglas Ahern – Many years ago, when my Jon Wayes YouTube channel had extremely few followers, I heard from a gentleman named Brian. He saw my Vegas vlog and envied that I had personally met Joe Brogie (creator of Mind Eraser & one of the teachers at HTG whoc brian admired). He commented on the vlog as well as on the vlog I’d post months later, meeting Jay, Joe, Anthony and the rest of the crew during HTG’s 2nd seminar in San Diego, California. We eventually connected and had numerous talks about our individual histories with hypnosis, our experiences and our adventures. Years later, I finally drove to meet him and (as one can see via my channel history), we connected over hypnosis and created multiple collaboration videos for our followers. To-date, Brian is one of the most, if not the most, ethical and moral performer I’ve met. He served as a reminder that volunteers’ safety is of the highest importance and to ensure they’re mental/physical/emotional safety before/during/after each show. The primary thing that differentiates us as hypnotists, is our approach. A a professional cartoonist who’s done various commissions and even submitted regular strips for a paper, Brian is an enthusiastically detailed story teller. As one can imagine, watching his hypnosis show entails watching your peers react to all the goofy things he’ll do to them (like shoot them with the “laughter blaster” (a children’s gun that makes noise)) as part of one big story line. Admittedly amusing, especially if you’re into story telling. I actually laughed the last I saw him perform, he’s a clever artist. Unfortunately, much of his work has been removed from the internet. However, you can still see some of our collabs on my Jon Wayes YouTube channel.
  7. Derren Brown – Of course I’m going to save the best for last! Derren has been around for ages and has only grown in charm, as a showman, in his execution and overall international popularity. He’s become, heavily because of his TV specials and filmed stage shows, the top person in the field of hypnosis. As stated in a special of his as well as at least one of his books, he started practicing hypnosis in university. Notice I didn’t label him as “Hypnotist Derren Brown”. This is because he was locally labeled as a Psychological Illusionist by news companies who had reporters either watch his live stage shows or interview him about them. In either case, they generally report on his uncanny ability to tap into people’s minds to reveal information no random stranger should possible know about another. However, he has used his practice of hypnosis both genuinely within his shows at times as well as what one might describe as “pseudo-hypnosis”. Regardless, his overall approach to any performance scenario has always been captivating and (like Marcus) psychologically intriguing. Needless to say, I always admired his thought process, his approach and most certainly his execution of mentalism, hypnosis or even his revelations that he secretly planned for the audience (but used his demonstrations as a distraction (truly a crafty bastard)). Up-to-date, some of his old material still inspires part of my stage shows or YouTube specials over at JonWayes.

This week’s video provides vague insight into a few of my original hypnotic influences…


I call it the Pentagon. A pentagon has five sides and as Jim Rohn once stated, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

Thus, if you want to be a great hypnotists, find those ahead of you that you admire, respect and enjoy and follow their lead. If you’re lucky, you may get to meet (possibly even collaborate) with them one day.

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