America’s Got Talent Publicity Explained

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That’s the first thing everyone needs to understand, much of the filming for America’s Got Talent (as a reality TV show) is staged.

It would only make sense to me to assume similar for other reality shows, however I’m confidently speaking on behalf of AGT as this is my third overall time filming behind the scenes with them.

When I say “staged”, I mean everything from the opening sequence of contestants running enthusiastically to the registration tables to some of the talent randomly performing in specific spots of the holding room (which are indirectly shot as AGT’s behind-the-scenes).

Taking the registration table example, they staged contestants running/speeding walking up to registration, when in fact (at least at the COBO Center in Detroit, MI), the actual registration tables were one floor up (where I was filming my behind-the-scenes).

As far as talent “randomly” performing in certain spots of the holding room, AGT’s producers are personally choreographing where they want acts to perform for the best lighting/sound/attention/etc.

Furthermore, there was one point were those working for America’s Got Talent Auditions website pulled me aside to take a picture of me in my Hypnotist jacket. This, however, came right before the direct request to stage a hypnosis demonstration.

As I mention in my November 2018 Episode on, I was initially excited because of the publicity idea. Not so long after the request though, I disliked being part of their project for the simple fact that I didn’t want to play into the assumption many already believe to be true (that I & other hypnotists normally stage/fake our demonstrations or shows).

I even spoke with a performer who lasted multiple rounds on AGT & they admitted that producers insinuated they could expect to return (after being “voted off”) as a wild card. This further proves the reality that audiences, acts and to some degree even the celebrity judges don’t have full control, producers do.

Lastly, if you’re really wanting to make it to America’s Got Talent, YouTube may be your best shot. Many YouTubers have reported being contacted by AGT’s producers to be cast on the show based on what they have seen from said act’s YouTube channel.

This was proven true to me by my friend Hypnotist Chris Jones. I myself was in contact with a producer years ago who requested a Magician and immediately denied my suggestion for a Hypnotist. Months later, I learn another producer contacted Chris after viewing his YouTube & requested he be AGT’s first Hypnotist.

About six months later, Chris Jones was on the premier episode of America’s Got Talent Season 10 hypnotizing Howie Mandel over his OCD/Germaphobia just long enough for himself and the other judges to shake his hands (seen here).




This one word is the big secret to gaining your own publicity. Document as much of your audition experience as possible.

I went so far as to film a partially hidden camera behind-the-scenes episode for my Jon Wayes channel. This idea popped into my head after documenting myself hypnotizing several contestants and the WCIU news crew during AGT’s live auditions in Chicago in 2016.

I was all over the holding room meeting people, filming their talent, hypnotizing them, interviewing them. It only took a few weeks for 1000’s of people to latch onto my video as very few others were documenting their journey like I was.

This resulted in multiple private party requests for hypnosis. One of the requests even came from the adult head of a teenage girl dance group I filmed/hung with in the holding room.

As Gary Vaynerchuck has been preaching for a while, document over create. In this digital age where everything’s at our fingertips and more aspiring entrepreneurs/influencers are trying to grab everyone’s attention, just document.

So many, myself included at one point, stress themselves over creating quality content that their viewers can buy into (psychologically, philosophically if not monetarily). They eventually come to a creative block and stress about their next step.

So, as Gary often suggests, document your current journey. While some of your audience may look up to you, the reaction to many entpreneurial/influencer documentations have proved audiences overall appreciate seeing/hearing what that person’s journey truly consists of.

This tactic serves both your marketing & publicity needs simultaneously, makes you appear more human, making your following appreciate you more which in turn, gains you more respect, followers and possibly even some customers or students (if that’s something you’re focused on).

WARNING: Please note, reality productions like America’s Got Talent require all contestants/ participants to fill out a contract. In summary, this contract states that the producers are allowed to film/ record you and do whatever they wish with the recording material. They also make it apparent at different points at live auditions, that recordings must be done in specific areas. I recorded against these requests. Because, as mentioned above, they research contestants, it only makes logical sense that they wouldn’t cast someone like myself who filmed with a hidden camera & has explained/shown everything that I have. Please be aware of this if you choose to document your experience as “intrusively” as I did!



This week’s video explains the truth behind & benefits of filming your experience with AGT…






Reality TV has proven to be an easy gateway to landing high-paying clients as well as leading you to greater connections and opportunities.

Because the overall production is rather political, there may be a chance you end up in my position where you could be provided an awesome opportunity, just to have it given to someone else. Or, if lucky, you may land in Chris’s position and gain the opportunity of a lifetime.

Note that, by contract, due to the publicity they gained people like Chris, him and others owe a portion of their bookings to AGT for years to come. This is because the producers understand how much publicity and power they’re providing contestants & that they can earn residuals from it.

Additionally, no one has ever actually won $1 Million (that I’m aware of). The winners are given the choice of a lump sum of a few $100,00 up front or an annual payout that would equal a few more $100,000 in the long run than the first option.

In short, document your journey and post it to the web. It will help you/your brand gain publicity if not some easy business as well. Plus, you may meet some life-long friends or business partners, give it a shot!

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