Can I Get Stuck In Hypnosis (HypnoComa Myth)


Yet, in combination with other questions like, “Is this the work of the Devil?” (literally asked by a volunteer during a birthday party last night in Detroit), I have to start off each show explaining how ridiculous such things are!

***Let’s Review***

Last week we covered exactly what a somnambulist was and their significance to a hypnotist which you can re-read by clicking “Previous” below.

Because somnambulists are so willing to let their bodies go limp while their minds completely relax, it appears to many audiences as if they’re under your “spell” as a hypnotist.

In turn, this makes many wonder if that person, let alone themselves, can get stuck in hypnosis.

I’m here to explain why that’s as ridiculous as assuming it’s the work of the Devil. First and foremost, as previously established many times on this HypnoKick blog already, hypnosis is nothing more than mental/physical relaxation.

Some people think it’s “Devil’s work” because they see someone react to a command the hypnotist gives someone while they’re relaxed (aka hypnotized). Again, as previously discussed, that isn’t mind control, that’s Hypnotic Phenomena.

Considering hypnosis itself is a topic of psychology, it therefore reasons that it’s subtopics (like hypnotic phenomena) fall into the same psychological explanatory categories. If you need a refresher, simply Click Here.

***Why You’re NEVER Stuck***

Now that you’ve done your weekly review, let me hit you with a newsflash and state the rest of this will be short.

Reason being is precisely due to what’s explained in the above section. Since there’s no actual mind control to hypnosis itself (though that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for evil, like anything good can be), you’re never stuck.

No one person has the ability to control what you think and therefore lacks control over your thoughts, feelings, words or actions.

Sure, in the same way that every day occurrences can influence us mentally/emotionally/physically down one path or another, it’s ultimately our choice whether or not we’ll let the hypnotist influence us.

However, chances are if you’re in the setting that any of the pictured people from any of my posts/videos are in, you’re likely already open to the experience.

Regardless, while there is such as thing as trance, it’s not literal mind control if you chose to (just like you could do with regular day dream), you could easily snap yourself out of it and walk away at ANY time – no question.

Girl Reinduced at Grad Table

That said, the girl in this week’s video explanation goes right back into hypnosis after just having left the staged show.

***What If I Can’t?***

The few times I’ve seen (or hypnotized) people who supposedly didn’t wish to be hypnotized, it was often because that person admitted to feeling so incredibly relaxed (ya know…the point of this mystic thing called “Hypnosis”), that they didn’t care to leave the trance state.

Seeing as this is a perfectly natural state that has actually been shown through various case studies to do people more good than bad, I see no issue and honestly neither should you.

If you’re still iffy on it, I highly advise reading “Hypnotherapy” By Dave Elman for real-life case stories, experiences and interviews with doctors.


Hopefully this clears up the misconception so many seem to have thanks to the media, such as the movie “Get Out”. Watch this week’s video demonstration for a better understanding…


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