Command Stacking

Everyone say “Hi Nikki!”

Our new HypnoKick Girl will be helping me demonstrate how YOU can become a pro-looking hypnotist by executing flawless demo transitions through Command Stacking!

*******************Let’s Review*****************

This is a great transition from the “Hypnotic Phenomena”  post where, if you realize your volunteer’s a somnambulist, you can find/execute great comedy routines: Click Here

**************What Stacking Is**************

Command Stacking is where you create a scenario for the hypnotized person in which they go from one experience to the next via correlated commands.

This week’s video demonstration is a great example. To watch it: Click Here

****************How To Stack***************

Simply tell the volunteer that when they do “X” that “Y” will be the result – that easy!

Nikki’s enjoy her stuck hand phenomena

This week I told Nikki that when she woke from her trance, her hand would be stuck to her head which would make her laugh. As you can see, both commands were successful.

From this point, one of the easiest things to build upon would be helping her to get her hand unstuck. It would only reason that using her right hand to pull her left hand away would help. That is of course, until the next command where I state the second the right hand touches the left, it’s now stuck too (I know, I’m a MONSTER MWAHAHA!)

Nikki feeling silly with her hands “stuck”

Of course, I’m not a complete monster so I help her by telling her the moment I tap the back of her hand, she can remove her hands. The best part – she really can…with the stipulation that that’s now caused her to remove her name from memory however.

Plotting her revenge against my amnesia tactics…

So, command stacking is a matter of trying to keep your volunteer in the loop of your performance’s story line by leading them from one command to the next. As promised, here a number of Command Stacking ideas to execute during your next performance:

Command Stacking 1) Stick their foot to the ground, encourage them to pull their leg away with their hands before sticking their hands to their stuck leg

Command Stacking 2) Make them forget a numbered on their fingers between one and ten, allow them to remember the number just to find when they do, they forget their age and progressively forget the ages of those around them

Command Stacking 3) Have someone’s hand become stuck to a bottle they’re drinking, then have their lips become stuck to the mouth of the bottle before telling them that bottle is becoming too heavy to hold up with their hand/mouth and they need to grab someone/something with their other hand to keep themselves up.

Command Stacking 4) Have someone begin forgetting how to talk, before telling them they can only speak alien and every time someone guesses the translation wrong, it makes the person yell out random numbers in their native language.

Watch this week’s video demonstration to see how I execute Command Stacking…


As you can see, you can be as practical or silly as you wish, you just need a little imagination. Feel free to experiment, too many people fear they’re unable to come up with anything or that their ideas are stupid.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not followed through with most my ideas but I’m often brainstorming and eventually come across something that ends up being perfect or even more awesome than anticipated – experiment (safely)!

That’s it for this week, comment below if this was helpful/what you’d like to learn next!


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