Dark Side of Virtual Hypnosis

Section 1: Dark Side

Inspired by the new YouTube episode “Virtual Security”, I wanted every aspiring/ growing Hypnotist (let alone average internet surfer) to be aware of the dark side of virtual hypnosis.

As stated in a past lesson, it’s ultimately the intentions of the Hypnotist you (the average internet surfer) want to be cautious of. If you’re surfing webcam sites to get hypnotized, you may encounter some dark and emotionally (possibly psychologically) compromising Hypnotists.

As per the YouTube episode referenced above, I recently spent over five hours searching a popular webcam site called Omegle. For those unaware, Omegle provides you two optional user experiences:

  1. Use the text-based version of the site so you’re continuously thrust into a text-only conversation with another randomly generated user.
  2. Use the video-based version where you’re connected to other webcam users to chat about whatever.

Right off the bat, I’ll inform you Omegle is NOT a kid-friendly atmosphere. Whether using the text-based portion of the site or daring to join with your webcam, there are a slew of men trying to find girls to have mature cyber connections why.

This leads many text-based conversations to start with “ASL?” (Age/Sex/Location?) or “M/F?” (Male or Female), while video chats are basically a digital Russian roulette of men touching themselves looking for someone to…”bond with” if you will.

Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I introduce you to the dark side of virtual hypnosis. There are people looking to control others on platforms like Omegle.

I know this for a few reasons:

  1. In the midst of creating “Virtual Security”, I was the only Hypnotist I found that showed their face. If they were professionals with good intentions, there would have been no reason for them to hide their identities.
  2. There were a few people breathing awkwardly (as if turned on) while on a blacked out camera as if looking for a volunteer to have fun with or wanting to find a Hypnotist that would make them into a mindless puppet. If this wasn’t the case, again, why wouldn’t they show themselves let alone breath normally.
  3. I met someone in the midst of creating Virtual Security that validated the above reasons by confirming their own experiences with such individuals.

Now, while I’ve personally been aware the existing “hypnokink” communities for years, they’ve typically existed underground (not in the public eye like comedy stage Hypnotists).

With technology being more prevalent than ever, it would take much googling to find these types of communities. I’ve chosen to stay “above ground” to make a living entertaining/ helping/ enlightening people by guiding them through their own minds.

I’ve also chosen to stay above ground because I’m not fond of the type of things those underground have done to others. Obviously, as is the case with any group of people, this isn’t the case for all in the underground community but these types of Hypnotists certainly exist.

As I write this lesson, I realize the various things I wish to bring to light can likely all be summarized into one word: Domination.

There are, as was confirmed by the individual I met while recording Virtual Security, predators looking for people to dominate and take control of.

I’ve heard there are Hypnotists out there who scout on these digital platforms in hopes of finding someone that will allow them to induce the person anytime they wish, make the person into a mindless puppet, make the person fall in love with them, cause the person to divulge their personal information/ secrets.

These are, of course, only a fraction of the reasons these predators are creeping around digital platforms. Understandably, everyone is entitled to their own interests (however weird others may perceive them to be), as long as they’re receiving consent from those they’re wanting to share said interests with.

Unfortunately, not everyone is asking for consent and some believe they’re sly enough to bypass another’s personal limits and take advantage of them. Disturbingly, I’ve been told this happens on various virtual platforms like Omegle, Discord, underground websites, etc.

Now having scratched the surface of the dark side of virtual hypnosis, it’s my hope that the following information will help you avoid any questionable (potentially compromising) encounters.

Section 2: Red Flags

Red Flag 1 (Blank/CG’d Screen): If you’re a Hypnotist, show your face. There’s nothing more visually sketchy than seeing a blacked out webcam or a computer generated picture/ video to replace your real identity. If you’re a non Hypnotist looking to get hypnotized, find someone who actually shows their face. Trusting a blacked out screen is about as trustworthy as agreeing to meet someone off Craigslist in a dark alley or getting into the neighborhood van with “Kandy” spray pained on the side of it.

Red Flag 2 (Demanding vs Social): If you’re a Hypnotist, chat with the person you’re wanting to hypnotize first. Get to know them, who they are, how old they are to see if it’s even appropriate to hypnotize them, if they’ve been hypnotized before, if they have any ore-existing psychological or physiological conditions you should know about, etc. Discussing these details will build your authority, show you care, establish rapport and help you better understand how to tailor their hypnosis experience accordingly. If you’re a non Hypnotist looking to get hypnotized, be weary of anyone who tried immediately hypnotizing you before getting to know you. If someone can’t be bothered to get to know you and how to provide you the best experience possible, then you shouldn’t bother trusting them. Again, this is like trusting a grungy old man with a dark trench coat standing outside an actual candy shop in 90 degree weather offering you candy from his pocket.

Red Flag 3 (Lack of Precautions): As discussed in HypnoKick’s free ebook linked in the training tab, safety first! If you’re a Hypnotist, you should be asking the three precautionary safety questions before hypnotizing a new volunteers. This alone will give the person the impression of your professionalism and care for their well being. The more you speak with and ask them about their history of mental/physical health, the more they’ll respect/trust you as the Hypnotist and the easier it will be for you to customize a pleasant experience for them. If you’re a non Hypnotist looking to get hypnotized, I’d suggest avoiding any Hypnotist you meet virtually if they don’t ask you any safety questions. This is a sign they either are not well trained or care very little for your overall mental/physical health. Allowing someone like this to hypnotize you could potentially lead to an unhealthy if not dangerous, potentially law-suit provoking, conclusion. Any Hypnotist that doesn’t care enough to ask you about your history of mental/physical health doesn’t deserve your attention.

Red Flag 4 (Phishing): If you’re a Hypnotist, the professional, respectable and admirable thing to do on a virtual platform is to ask your volunteer what limits they have. However, if you’re trying to covertly figure a person’s triggers to manipulate them for selfish gain, then you don’t honestly belong in the HypnoKick community. HypnoKick is about ensuring volunteers’ psychological and physiological safety before proceeding with any kind of hypnosis. Phishing/prying for information that you don’t need is in poor taste and gives off predatory vibes. If you’re a non Hypnotist looking to get hypnotized, take note that safety precautions such as “Do you have an pre-existing psychological issues or take any medication” are valid questions. However, if you’re being asked what triggers put you under, turn you into a mindless puppet, make you horny, cause you to become an obedient slave…these questions are neither appropriate nor required for an initial meeting/session (unless you’re an adult and have given the Hypnotist explicit permission to ask such questions). If the Hypnotist is trying to induce you immediately, asking intimate trigger questions or anything else that puts you on edge, you are more than within your rights to either tell them so or simply leave the virtual chat. Your safety should be your primary concern just as much as it should be theirs.

Red Flag 5 (Lack of Credibility): When I consult growing Hypnotists, let alone any growing artist, I always emphasize the importance of social media. With YouTube being the worlds second largest search engine, it’s no surprise all my clients (and those hiring entertainers I’ve consulted/ mentored) have checked our YouTube videos. Video proof of your work provides your practice of hypnosis with immediate credibility. People who have never met you can see you’re a professional. Those curious about and wanting to experience hypnosis are more likely to request your services because you’ve shown your a competent Hypnotist. Almost all my clients watch my promo videos before choosing to hire me. If they really like it, they may watch my longer videos of live stage shows, street performances or monthly episodes. Point is, the more social media proof you have that you hypnotize people professionally, the more credible you are to those you meet, especially on virtual platforms. If your a non Hypnotist looking to get hypnotized, request they Hypnotist provide a sample of their work (preferably a video). This allows you to see them in action, hear their voice and how they speak to their clients/volunteers, watch the approaches and techniques they use and get a better feel if you can vibe with them. Even if they have pictures, being able to see those they’ve worked with and how successful (or unsuccessful) their sessions were will aid in your decision to either work with them or find a more suitable Hypnotist. Should they either have no visual proof to give or refuse to give any at all/demand you trust and respect them, I’d say run for the hills!

This week’s video interview contains additional red flags and tips for both Hypnotists & non Hypnotists alike…

Section 3: Conclusion

It’s true, there’s a dark side to hypnosis. With a large underground community, virtual hypnosis can even lead to a darker, kink-obsessive and nightmarish side of hypnosis. It should be noted that hypnosis predators and disrespectful/ immoral/ unethical Hypnotists in general also exist “above ground”. Always research the Hypnotist that you either want to get hypnotized by or that wishes to hypnotize you.

If you’re young, stick to various free and more friendly virtual hypnosis platforms like YouTube. If you’re an adult, tread very carefully and make sure to have a solid support system.

The good news: If you’re looking for safe and professional Virtual Hypnosis Training, you’ll find just that in the Members Area via the Training tab above! If you were simply looking to learn more about the truth behind hypnosis and it’s crazy dark side, I hope this helped.

Whether wanting to learn cool party tricks, help others or become a professional Hypnotist, HypnoKick has everything you need to get started now 🙂

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